Jillian Mitchell

Teacher Education Program Ambassador, CU Teach Math


I like math. (A lot.) When I came to CU-Boulder in the fall of 2012, I knew without a doubt that math was the perfect major for me.  I’ve always had a knack for mathematics, but there was also something about education that sparked an ineffable interest in me. This led me to impulsively register for CU Teach’s Step 1 course while at my freshman orientation. 

I felt a little uneasy about whether or not education would be the right path for me. Math was so clean and precise, and teaching… well, that felt like the polar opposite. Nevertheless, after my very first Step 1 class, I fell in love with the idea of teaching and education. This inspired me to apply to the School of Education and continue with the CU Teach program. As I complete more and more CU Teach courses, I can feel my love for both teaching and math grow exponentially. While I pursue my degree in Math and licensure in Secondary Math Education, I am also involved with the CU Teach Student Organization and the Oasis Club. 

The CU Teach community is truly something special. I am positive that with their support my opportunities will be endless upon my completion of the program. Not only have I learned a lot about what it means to be a teacher, but also I have learned much more about what it means to be a student. I encourage anyone with an interest in teaching to try out the CU Teach program. Q.E.D.