Eve Manz

Areas of Expertise
Science Education, Mathematics Education, Curriculum Development and Theory, Elementary Education


Eve Manz is Assistant Professor of Education specializing in Science Education. Her research focuses on the development of epistemic practices in mathematics and science; that is, supporting students to participate in making and using knowledge in powerful, disciplinary ways. She seeks to understand how to design learning environments so that practices such as modeling, experimentation, and argumentation are meaningful and useful for elementary school students. She also analyzes how these practices contribute to the development of content knowledge.

Dr. Manz is a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University. For her dissertation work, she conducted a multi-year design study with a third grade teacher, redesigning science instruction around investigating a wild backyard area behind an urban school and following the development of students’ scientific modeling, argumentation, and understanding of ecological ideas. Prior to graduate school, she taught elementary school students for six years, both as a classroom teacher and director of Curriculum at a Science and Engineering Museum.



PhD Mathematics and Science Education, Vanderbilt University, 2013

K-6 Teaching License, Swarthmore College, 2002

BA Education and Psychology, Swarthmore College, 2001