Catherine Gorzynski


After teaching for four years on the east coast, I moved to Colorado in 2009 and since then have been teaching fourth grade in south Denver. I currently teach math but have had the opportunity to teach all subject areas. I love all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer and especially enjoy running, hiking, and camping.

I recently finished my MA in Curriculum and Instruction in Math and Science Education in the Fall of 2013. I worked through the program part-time while teaching full-time. I found that the C&I program gave me a stronger math and science background that was valuable in enhancing my content knowledge and teaching approaches for my students. I really enjoyed the research experiences within the program that helped me better gauge my effectiveness and the needs of my students. I also am grateful for the project opportunities designed by the faculty that directly benefitted my students and my teaching practices.

As an Ambassador for the Master's program in C&I - Math and Science, I look forward to sharing my experiences and helping prospective students find the graduate program they are passionate about.