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Class Cancellation Policy

Given the timing of some classes (early AM or early evening) AND the distance some students drive to attend education classes, the School of Education gives individual faculty members discretion in making a decision to cancel a class due to inclement weather.

Faculty have a responsibility to ensure adequate, high-quality face-to-face time for every course.

It is our general expectation that a class will meet as follows:

  • 15 times over a semester (for classes meeting 2.5 hours/once /week)
  • 30 times over a semester (for classes meeting 1.25/twice/week)

When making decisions to cancel a class due to inclement weather, faculty should 
balance the following considerations:

  • Instructor’s decision to cancel other class sessions to accommodate the instructor’s travel to conferences or other professional meetings;
  • Reduced number of scheduled course sessions due to federal holidays (e.g., Monday classes that do not meet on Labor Day or Martin Luther King Day);
  • Weather and road conditions, particularly if storm may intensify and/or road 
conditions may worsen while class is underway;
  • Opportunities to reschedule class session or make up missed contact time in a 
meaningful way in remainder of semester;
  • If a CU course is held at school site in a local district, CU should follow that 
school district’s determination regarding either school closure or delayed start. For example, if a CU class meets at 7:30AM in Denver and Denver Public Schools are open with no delays, instructors and candidates should arrive at 7:30 AM.

Procedure to communicate class cancellation:

  1. Email all students in a timely fashion.
  2. Contact the Office of Student Services (303.492.6555), the Dean’s office (303.492.6937), or your faculty assistant. Call until you reach an actual person. The SOE will then post signs in your classroom.

Appeals Process

Students may appeal any academic decision, including admissions decisions, course grades, and results of comprehensive examinations. To appeal, students should first present their reasons for appealing to the original decision maker, i.e. faculty member, faculty committee, or administrator.

If the student remains dissatisfied with the result of the appeal, s/he may appeal next to the Associate Dean for Teacher Education (if enrolled in a teacher education program) or the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies (if enrolled in a graduate program) by submitting a School of Education Petition Form to the Office of Student Services. In the petition, the student states the decision or program policy s/he is petitioning and his/her reasons for doing so. The Associate Dean will respond directly or convene a faculty committee to review the appeal and make recommendations. The student will be notified by e-mail of the decision/response.

If the student remains dissatisfied with the result of the appeal, s/he may appeal next to the Dean of the School of Education, and then to the Dean of the Graduate School (graduate students only).

Students may also utilize the Boulder Campus Ombudsman in Willard Hall.

School of Education Policy on Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades are a contract between instructor and student to delay the posting of the final grade on the student’s transcript for up to one year.

To be eligible for an incomplete grade, School of Education policy requires that:

  • A student request the incomplete grade;
  • A student has satisfactorily completed a significant portion of the course; and
  • A student has extenuating circumstances beyond her/his control that prevent the student from completing the course within the normal time frame.

If a student's situation does not conform to all of these criteria, the student is not eligible to receive an incomplete. Faculty may request documentation of the extenuating circumstances before agreeing to the assignment of an incomplete grade. Students who have not attended or who have not satisfactorily completed a significant portion of the course should not be given an incomplete grade. (In the case of non-attendance, the instructor should award the student the grade(s) s/he earned, usually an F.)

An incomplete (I) grade, if not completed, changes to an F when it expires and will impact the grade point average.

If the faculty member agrees to award an incomplete grade, s/he must submit an Incomplete Grade Contract Form to the Office of Student Services. Having a formal written agreement documenting the work to be completed and the date by which the work is due is often critical to resolving disputes and allows the appropriate Associate Dean to resolve incomplete grades if the original instructor is not available to do so.

This form is used to document:

  • the reason/grounds for the incomplete grade,
  • the student’s grade on the work that has already been completed,
  • and a description of the work that the student will need to submit and the deadline by which it must be submitted in order to complete the course.

The contract must be submitted to the Office of Student Services, to be kept in the student’s file for future reference, if needed.

The maximum amount of time a student can be allowed to complete an incomplete is one year from the term in which the course was taken. The instructor can set a shorter deadline for the completion of the work, but it is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that the plan for completing the course can be accomplished within the one year maximum. The instructor should establish a deadline that will allow him/her sufficient time to evaluate the student’s work and submit a Change of Record form to the Office of Student Services before grades are due in the semester the work is completed. If you have questions about the appropriateness of awarding an incomplete grade, you can discuss the situation with the appropriate Associate Dean.

Incomplete grades should only be awarded when both the instructor and the student believe that the course work can and will be completed within one year. If that is not the case and the student has compelling extenuating circumstances, you can contact the appropriate Associate Dean.

Once the student has fulfilled the terms of the Incomplete Grade Contract, the instructor must submit a Change of Record form to the Office of Student Services.

Change of Record forms are available in the Office of Student Services for instructors to pick up and complete for their students. Due to security reasons, staff will not release Change of Record forms to students; instructors must pick them up or make special arrangements with the Office of Student Services. All completed Change of Record forms should be submitted to the Office of Student Services.

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