Graduate Students

Graduate Student Handbook 

The handbook is an excellent resource for any questions you may have about your graduate program.

Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Here you can find information on the Student Code of Conduct and Ethics. All students in courses and programs in the School of Education are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Cheating, plagiarism, illegitimate possession and disposition of papers and examinations, alteration, forgery or falsification of official records, and similar acts, or the attempt to engage in such acts are grounds for suspension and/or expulsion from the University of Colorado.

Course Catalog

Here you can find descriptions of courses listed for every department on campus.

Outside Fellowship Opportunities


Degree Plans

Curriculum & Instruction (C&I):

Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity (EECD):

Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice (EFPP):

Learning Sciences & Human Development (LSHD):

Research & Evaluation Methodology (REM):


Change of Address

Please make sure your name, address, telephone number, and email are current on University records. Report changes to the Office of Student Services, School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309-0249, Phone: (303) 492-6555 as well as to the Registrar’s Office in Regent Hall.