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Do you offer funding?

We do not offer funding to our Master’s students. Because funding sources are limited, we can only offer funding packages to our doctoral students. 

I am interested in your PhD program. How can I apply for funding?

You are automatically considered for funding when you apply to the PhD program. If admitted, you will be notified of your award package in your offer/admission letter. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

The duration of study depends on the number of coursework hours that students take per semester and can vary across programs. Our Master’s students take 30 credit hours (with the exception of EECD-Dual Endorsement Program which takes 31), and should expect to complete the program in 2 years without exceeding 4 years.  Our doctoral students take 56 credit hours of coursework as well as 30 dissertation hours, and should expect to finish the program within 4-5 years and not exceed 6 years. The first year and a half of the doctoral program is taken as a cohort with other entering PhD students. 

Do you offer an online program?

While we do offer some courses online, we do not have an entirely online program.

Do you require GRE scores and what are the minimums?

Our Master’s students are not required to submit GRE scores unless their GPA is below 2.75. Our PhD students must submit GRE scores, but we do not have set minimums. To be competitive, your scores should exceed the 50th percentile.

What are your GPA requirements?

Students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA for all coursework and a minimum 3.0 in any post baccalaureate work. Students who fall below the 2.75 GPA should notify the Graduate Studies Coordinator ( at the time of application. Students who do not meet this requirement may still be considered for admission. 

I applied to your program, but my recommender says they did not receive an email to submit their letter.

Please email with your name, your recommender’s name and email address. They will be able to regenerate the automatic email. 

What are your application deadlines?

Domestic PhD students must apply by December 15 and International students by December 1 for matriculation the following fall semester.

The priority deadline for  Master’s students is February 1 for the fall and summer semesters and September 1 for the spring. Other MA applicants will be considered on a monthly basis for available spaces. Please notify the department if you are submitting an application after the posted MA priority deadlines. All documents must be received for applications to be reviewed. Applicants who submit late materials risk not being reviewed for admission.

I requested a new user account over 72 hours ago and I still do not have my information. What’s wrong?

Please call 303-492-4357 or email for assistance

What transcripts are required?

We require one transcript from any higher education institution you have attended. We require transcripts even if you did not receive a degree from the institution or if the credits appear on another institution’s transcript. We do not need transcripts from CU Boulder/Denver/Colorado Springs. 

Do I need a teaching license before I apply to a Master’s program?

Our EFPP and EPSY programs do not require a teaching license before applying. Our Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity program and our Curriculum & Instruction program are designed for practicing teachers, and therefore having a licensure and teaching experience is highly recommended. Many times non-traditional experience can be used to meet the requirements. The C&I Literacy Master’s degree (which leads to a Reading Teacher endorsement) does require licensure and teaching experience. If you are attempting to enroll in any other endorsement program, you will not be eligible for the endorsement unless you acquire a Colorado teaching license. 

What are the required TOEFL of IELTS scores?

We require a TOEFL score of 114 and an IELTS Score of 8.0.