MA in EECD: Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Ed/Special Ed Generalist

The School of Education offers the Master’s degree in Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity (EECD): Bilingual/ESL Special Education. Completion of this program qualifies one for a teacher certification double endorsement in the areas of Special Education Generalist and Linguistically Diverse Education (K-12). Graduates of this program are typically employed in school special education programs. The program offers courses in foundations in special and bilingual/multicultural education; assessment issues and practices in bilingual/ESL special education; methods of bilingual, ESL and special education; and a field-based practicum. This program is not suitable for international students seeking preparation in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). This is a “part-time” program with courses offered evenings and summers. This program is designed to be completed over a three year period.