Awards & Honors

Faculty in the School of Education receive continuous recognition and innumerable awards for outstanding contributions to their fields. The following lists just some of the honors recently bestowed as well as long-term appointments of distinction. For more information on faculty members’ awards and honors, see their Faculty Profiles

Campus-Wide Recognition

University Distinguished Professors

Margaret Eisenhart
Kris Gutiérrez
Robert Linn (Emeritus)
Lorrie Shepard

Chancellor's Committee on Women: CU Women that Matter Award

Margaret Eisenhart, 2010

CU-LEAD Faculty Appreciation Award 

David C. Webb, 2011

Marinus Smith Award

Rubén Donato, 2012

Outstanding Faculty Graduate Advisor

Guillermo Solano-Flores, 2012
Michele Moses, 2011
Ken Howe, 2000

Provost’s Award for Faculty Achievement

Erin M. Furtak, 2014
Elizabeth Dutro, 2013
Victoria Hand, 2013
Derek Briggs, 2012
Michele Moses, 2011

Robert L. Stearns Award, University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association

Leonard Baca, 2014
Lorrie Shepard, 2012
Daniel Liston, 2011

The Best Should Teach Gold Award 

Kathy Escamilla, 2014
Kris Gutiérrez, 2012
Rubén Donato, 2011
Daniel Liston, 2011

University of Colorado System, President's Diversity Award

Leonard Baca, 2014


Regional, National, or International Recognition

Fellows of the National Academy of Education (NAE)

Margaret Eisenhart
Kris Gutiérrez
Robert Linn (Emeritus)
Lorrie Shepard (Past President)

Fellows of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Rubén Donato, 2012
Margaret Eisenhart
Kathy Escamilla, 2010
Gene Glass (Past President)
Kris Diane Gutiérrez (Past President)
Ken Howe
Margaret LeCompte (Emeritus)
Robert Linn (Emeritus)
Lorrie Shepard (Past President)
William Penuel, 2014
Kevin Welner

Presidential Appointment, National Board of Educational Sciences, U.S. Dept of Education

Kris Gutiérrez, 2012

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Erin M. Furtak, 2011

AERA Division D

Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award: Lorrie Shepard, 2011

National Council of Teachers of English

Alan C. Purves Award: Elizabeth Dutro, 2010
Kate and Paul Farmer Award: sj Miller, 2005
Richard A. Meade Award: sj Miller, 2007

National Council on Measurement in Education

Annual Award for Contributions to Theory and Practice: Derek Briggs, 2012

National Science Foundation

CAREER Award: Erin M. Furtak, 2010