Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Current Students

When I am finished with my licensure program, does CU Boulder give me my teaching license?

No, if you complete the teacher licensure program at CU-Boulder you are eligible to apply for a teaching license with the Colorado Department of Education.

Can I study abroad?

Yes, in fact, we encourage our candidates to experience a study abroad term if the opportunity arises. Participating in a study abroad program may lengthen the time require to finish the licensure program, depending upon what coursework transfers back to your degree from the particular study abroad program.

I want to be able to teach in more than one subject area. Do I need to complete more than one licensure program?

No, you only need to get an initial teacher licensure in one area.  Once you are licensed in a specific area, you may add additional teaching areas (endorsements) through the Colorado Department of Education. Please be aware that some endorsements will require additional coursework or graduate degrees.

Can I use my license to teach in another state besides Colorado?

Yes, you may transfer a Colorado teaching license to another state.  We recommend that you contact the department of education in your intended state of residence to find out what their teaching requirements are and how the Colorado license may transfer in advance of program completion.

Are there any School of Education scholarships?

The School of Education awards scholarships to incoming and current students on an annual basis. Information on how to apply can be found at