Current CU Undergrads

Undergraduate licensure candidates must satisfy the Arts & Sciences or Music Education Core Curriculum, academic preparation requirements for licensure, and their major degree requirements.  The School of Education works closely with Arts & Sciences and the College of Music to align requirements.  Undergraduates are encouraged to work closely with an advisor in their college and the Education advisor to plan their programs of study in their freshman year so that they may complete all requirements in four years.

Undergraduate course work combines on-campus learning with in-school experiences.  Field experiences within the program fall in to two categories: practicum and student teaching.  Every licensure candidate will complete a minimum of three practicum-based in-school experiences prior to student teaching. Our aim is to phase in responsibility across practicum settings, to elaborate and deepen the close connections between fieldwork and course work, and to develop performance-based evidence of proficiency. Student teaching is the culminating event in the licensure sequence, in which candidates spend one entire semester, full-time, in a school.

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