Fast Facts

Of our undergraduates, 80.9% are women, while 71.9% of post-baccalaureates are women. For graduates, 84.5% of master’s candidates, 51.7% of master’s plus licensure candidates, and 67.3% of PhD candidates are women.

Our undergraduates fall into a variety of majors, with these as the most common: biology, communications, English, history, mathematics, and psychology.

Undergraduate candidates in teacher licensure programs major in approved discplines among the arts and sciences and engineering, building their expertise in specific content areas.

PhD Candidate, Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity

My commitment to the education of emergent bilingual children started when my son enrolled in a U.S. public school that did not value his native language and also was not prepared to teach him English. Due to his challenging educational experiences...

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PhD Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction - Literacy

My journey to the CU doctoral program began in earnest in a southern Nevada middle school classroom, where I had the privilege to teach English and ESL to the students of a wonderful, predominantly Latin@/Chican@ community that still feels like home. My students arrived...

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Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction - Literacy

At the age of 21, I stepped straight from college into a teaching position in a high-poverty elementary school in southern California. I hope I was able to provide some valuable learning experiences for the second and third graders who shared that classroom ...

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Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences (EPSY)

As a youth worker in San Francisco’s Mission District in the mid-1990’s, I witnessed a variety of contradictions that students of color confronted in their everyday lives. I remember intellectually inclined youth who dove into conversations about “urbanology” but struggled to ...

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Professor, Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity (EECD)

My upbringing in a political family, my own mixed ethnicity, my graduate program in bilingual cross-cultural special education, a state-sponsored program designed to support non-biased decision-making for culturally and linguistically diverse students, and ...

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MA Student, Curriculum & Instruction - Literacy

As a public school student in Pueblo, Colorado, I grew up witnessing the disparities that played out in education on the basis of race and class daily. The schools I attended were considered low-income and were vastly under-resourced. As students and youth...

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