Fast Facts

Further candidate performance data will be added in September 2014.

Candidates for a Master's degree in the last academic year had an average GPA of 3.87, those in the Master’s Plus licensure program had an average GPA of 3.82, and PhD candidates had an average GPA of 3.82.

Average age of students:

  • Undergraduate licensure: 22.4
  • Post-BA licensure: 27.9
  • Master’s: 33
  • Master’s Plus licensure: 25.9
  • Doctoral: 34.8

Candidates admitted to the School of Education have an average GPA of 3.31, based primarily on their work in arts and sciences, compared with a university average of 2.96.

Our undergraduates fall into a variety of majors, with these as the most common: biology, communications, English, history, mathematics, and psychology.

In the last academic year, 100% of all CU-Boulder teacher education candidates who completed the program passed their PLACE or PRAXIS state-required licensure exams.

The School of Education has a strong commitment to diversity and to recruiting students from underrepresented groups into its teacher licensure and graduate programs. Scholarships are available for students who have a desire to work with members of underrepresented groups.

Of our undergraduates, 80.9% are women, while 71.9% of post-baccalaureates are women. For graduates, 84.5% of master’s candidates, 51.7% of master’s plus licensure candidates, and 67.3% of PhD candidates are women.

Undergraduate candidates in teacher licensure programs major in approved discplines among the arts and sciences and engineering, building their expertise in specific content areas.