Professor Edward Morey

Econ 2010, Edward's class

ways the T.A.s can help you

Your recitation will be the main place for you to get help

Every week in recitation your T.A. will:

1. quickly review the week's material

2. answer your questions about the lectures and book chapter

3. Depending on time, your T.A. can help you with the practice quizzes

4. You will be often be divided into small groups to work on problems (maybe old exam questions), with the T.A. wandering from group to group providing help

5. Your T.A. will encourage you to work through and answer old exam questions, and will help you with that process.

We encourage you to bring you laptop to recitation, so while you are there you have access to the Aplia web site and the online quizzes.

If you are not getting what you need from your recitation, make constructive suggestions to your T.A. as to how the recitation might be improved.

Assuming you are participating in recitation, feel free to visit your T.A. during his or her office hours to get help with the material.

If you blow-off the recitations, it would be inappropriate to ask for help during office hours, or email asking for help

You can join, on a temporary or permanent basis, other recitation groups.

If you need to contact someone by email, try your T.A. first - she or he is your main contact person for the course.

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