Professor Edward Morey

How your Econ 2010 course grade will be determined

The course will be graded on a 100 point scale

90+ is an A

80-89 a B

70-79 a C

60-69 a D

less than 60 an F

The Department of Economics has grading guidlines and I am strongly encouraged to have a course-grade average in the C to C+ range.

Your final will count 30% of your course grade.

Your best of the two midterms will be 30% of your course grade.

Your online quizzes will be 40% of your course grade.

If you take both midterms and get a B on both, I will add 2% to your final course grade, which is extra credit.

If you take both midterms and get a B on one of them and an A on the other one, I will add 4% to your final course grade, which is extra credit.

If you take both midterms and get an A on both of them, I will 6% to your final course grade, which is extra credit.

(In explanation of these extra credit points: One can, without penalty, not take one of the midterms for whatever reason. But I do not want you to be encouraged to skip the second midterm because you did well on the first one. Not studying for the second midterm, because you did well on the first midterm, typically causes your final exam grade to be low.)

You will lots of online graded quizzes. There are also lots of non-graded online quizzes.

Of your two graded "math" quizzes, only the best one will count (the lower of the two will be dropped).

Of the remaining graded quizzes, the worst three of these will also be dropped for the calculation of your aggregate quiz score.

So, you can miss or screw up 3 of the graded quizzes. I recommend that you do not skip the first 3 graded quizzes.

There will be no make-up quizzes, not for any reason. Remember that you can do the quizzes at any time before their due date. And, you can take them in Bunga Bunga at your sister's wedding, assuming you have an internet connection.

You will have two midterms, both in our class room during class time. The exact dates are posted in a separate section of the course web page.

The best of your two midterm scores will be 30% of your course grade.

Skip the first midterm at your peril.

To do well on the second midterm will require that you know the material that was on the first midterm.

No make-up or late midterms will be given.

Note that since the online Aplia quizzes are alligned with the book and not with other stuff I lecture on in class, there will be materials on the exams that were not covered by the online Aplia quizzes. Assume the exams will be more difficult than the quizzes.

All of your quizzes and exams will be multiple choice. With 500 students there is no other option.

The only time you can take the final is during the time scheduled by the university for classes that meet during our class time. See the exam schedule on the course web page.
I do not give early or late finals. 
Please do not ask, even if your parents or you booked your flight for before the exam, or your taking the exam when it is scheduled means you will miss the first stop of the professional snowboarding tour.

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