Professor Edward Morey

Econ 2010 (sec. 90) Fall 2015

Exam Schedule

Dates and times for Finals are determined by the University on the basis on which days and hours a class meets.

Our 2014 final is from 1:30-4:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 17th in our classroom

The full fall 2015 schedule for all CU finals is at

You must take the final at the scheduled time

Your first midterm will be on Thursday, October 8th.

Your second midterm will be on Tuesday, November 10th

both during class in our classroom

Remember that the lowest of your two midterm grades will be dropped.

There will be no makeup midterms

 Please understand that with a class of hundreds it is near impossible to give make-up exams. Each exam takes many hours to prepare so
making up one or more makeup exams would take the T.A.s and I many hours. It is also very difficult to produce makeup exams that
are of the same exact difficulty level. It is also very difficult to schedule and proctor make-up exams. Many students have many different
reason for not wanting or being able to take an exam at the scheduled time. The simpliest and fairest solution is
dropping the lowest of the two midterms and insisting everyone takes the final at the scheduled time. That is, everyone can be excused from
one of the midterms, for whatever reason.

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Last Update August 20, 2015