The Green Economy

green job (also called a green-collar job) is any job that might help reduce carbon emissions. This might include installing solar planels, engineering more efficient ways to power our homes, teaching kids how to recycle, planning wind turbine farms, showing people how to consume less, planting trees, working in local government to encourage renewable energy, etc. Whatever it is, a green job helps to reduce total energy use and environmental impact.



Colorado's Green Economy

Fortunately for us, Colorado is at the forefront of green jobs. A perfect storm of wind, solar and biofuels puts our state at the top of this list in terms of clean energy compatability. Our governor and state government is focused on funding clean energy inititatives and working to create green jobs in the Colorado economy. The future could hold some great things for Colorado if our politicians continue to work for these policies:

  • Wages paid to CO workers could increase a net total of $570 million.
  • State GDP could increase by $1.9 billion by 2020.
  • Green corporations like Vesta, a leader in manufacturing wind turbines will continue to set up factories in our state. Vesta has already brought 2,500 green jobs to CO- in Pueblo, Brighton and Windsor.