The University has created our own link which works through the RideArrangers website to offer streamlined, modern carpool matching and trip tracking for students, faculty and staff. Use your facebook profile, or create a CUcommute profile, and see who else is coming to campus or to keep track of your trips and see how you have made a difference by not driving alone.

What is CUcommute?

For too long we have driven our cars with empty seats. CUcommute is a simple way to find friends, classmates and coworkers going the same way you are. Combining social networks and our proprietary route-matching algorithm, we’ve made it easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. Together we can get anywhere.



This is the first prize that we give away on 9/28/12 to a new user.

We all like prizes, right? By participating and logging your trips at CUcommute you are entering to win tons of fabulous prizes. Our first giveaway was a sweet commuter bike package. It was raffled away to new users who logged at least one trip. 

This program is made possible by a partnership between the University's Parking & Transportation Servcies and the Environmental Center. For information about this program, and the University's partnership, please don't hesitate to contact us–we're excited to hear your thoughts about this new opportunity.