It's not the Loser Cruiser around here. Everybody rides the bus in Boulder, Denver and the surrounding area. You've already paid your student fee to ride the bus which means you don't have to pay a fare box fee, so why not ride the bus? Additionally, it typically gets you to your destination just as fast as driving, you get to relax instead of driving, and you don't have to worry about parking.

With winter break coming up soon, don't forget that your bus pass will get you to the Denver International Airport (DIA) free of fare box charge. RTD ramps up their service during the peak student travel days, to help make sure that you catch your ride to the airport and don't miss your flight. To keep your stress level low the bus even drops you off at the front doors of the airport. If you drive to the airport, you have to pay to park your car and then have to catch a shuttle to the airport from your remote parking lot.

Save your time and money and let RTD drive you to the airport! Route info here.

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