Team Spotlight

Recycling Staff Employees

Name: Zach P. Greening
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Home: Sarasota, Fl
Where are you going? Forward
Environmental Issue: Using the right bins
Passion: Wittling
Miniaturized Animal: The Shaquille O’Neil
Movie: Donnie Darko
Outdoor Activity: Frolf
Music: Lo-fi, Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap
Travel Desires: Greenland
Name: Ryan Martin
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Home: Centennial
Environmental Issue: Environmental Education
Passion: To enjoy the time
Miniaturized Animal: Duck
Movie: The Big Lebowski
Outdoor Activity: Rock Climb/Bike
Music: Bluegrass
Travel Desires: Everywhere
Name: Rosie Briggs
Year: Freshman
Major: Environmental Studies & Spanish
Home: Boulder
Where are you going? Wherever life takes me!
Environmental Issue: Probably disposable water bottles
Passion: Frolicking through the mountains and unplugging appliances when noone is looking
Miniaturized Animal: Probably my grandpa because that's the only way he could be any cuter
Movie: The Sound of Music
Outdoor Activity: Baseball and hiking through the flatties
Music: Almost anything made before I was born
Travel Desires: Bali
Name: Robin Poley
Year: Sophomore-ish
Major: Religious Studies & History
Home: Aurora, CO
Where are you going? Places!
Environmental Issue: Sustainable Food
Passion: Jain philosophy (/Diana Ross)
Miniaturized Animal: A tiny-er miniature poodle
Movie: Mahogany!
Outdoor Activity: Sitting in grass
Music: Björk-esque?
Travel Desires: Sri Lanka 
Name: Christian Rivas
Year: Junior
Major: Biophysics
Home: Westminster, CO
Where are you going? The final frontier
Environmental Issue: Renewable energy
Passion: Computer games
Miniaturized Animal: Honey badger
Movie: Kingpin
Outdoor Activity: Swimming
Music: Hip-Hop
Travel Desires: Barcelona, Spain
Name: Ana Martinez
Year: Sophomore
Major: Español
Home: Edina, MN
Where are you going? Into uncharted territory
Environmental Issue: Why doesn't Starbucks have recyclable coffee cups??
Passion: Being passionate about life
Miniaturized Animal: Penguin
Movie: Adventureland hands down.
Outdoor Activity: Swimming
Music: I like them all!
Travel Desires: Austria-Hungary
Name: Arden Bring
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing
Home: Ft. Collins
Where are you going? Hopefully into music
Environmental Issue: The broken agricultural system
Passion: Music
Miniaturized Animal: A monkey, that’d be rad
Movie: Pulp Fiction
Outdoor Activity: Spinning fire poi
Music: Jam/classics
Travel Desires: The Himalayas
Name: Eric Singular
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology & Geography
Home: Denver, CO
Where are you going? The future
Environmental Issue: Overpopulation
Passion: Social change
Miniaturized Animal: Whale
Movie: Space Jam
Outdoor Activity: Hiking/climbing
Music: Underground hip-hop
Travel Desires: Brazil
Name: Alex Goldsmith
Year: Senior
Major: Geography
Home: Aspen, CO
Where are you going? Chile/Patagonia
Environmental Issue: Promoting minimalist way of life
Passion: Global exploration
Miniaturized Animal: Panda
Movie: Easy Rider
Outdoor Activity: Chasing trout and slaying pow
Music: Foot stompin’ bluegrass/Rock ‘n Roll
Travel Desires: Mountains the world over
Name: Benjamin Kronenberg
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: San Diego, CA
Where are you going? Deutschland!
Environmental Issue: Corn crops and agricultural
Passion: Making friends
Miniaturized Animal: Sloth
Movie: Ender’s Game
Outdoor Activity: Rock climbing
Music: Drum & Bass
Travel Desires: The Earth’s core or
Name: Phoebe Thorne
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: Massachusetts
Where are you going? Everywhere!!
Environmental Issue: The meat industry/vegetarianism
Passion: Seeing live music
Miniaturized Animal: Wolf
Movie: Across the Universe
Outdoor Activity: Hiking, skiing, slacklining
Music: Jam bands/bluegrass
Travel Desires: New Zealand
Name: Beth White
Year: Junior
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Home: Arlington, TX
Where are you going? Forward (hopefully)
Environmental Issue: Recyling
Passion: Anime
Miniaturized Animal: Tiger
Movie: Kiki’s Delivery Service
Outdoor Activity: Swimming
Music: Classic rock
Travel Desires: Japan
Name: Marguerite (Maggie) Behringen
Year: Sophomore
Major: EBIO & Environmental Studies
Home: New Castle, DE
Where are you going? Forward
Environmental Issue: Composting & sustainable farming
Passion: Giving out good vibes and the outdoors
Miniaturized Animal: Lion
Movie: Spaceballs, The Lion King, & The Usual Suspects
Outdoor Activity: Hiking, laying, swimming, & reading
Music: Hip-Hop & soft rock
Travel Desires: Atlantis…or India
Name: Ariel Lightsey
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Film Studies
Home: Montrose, Colorado
Where are you going? Into the wild
Favorite environmental issue:
The overall way we live out lives seems to be an environmental issue
Passion: Anything that lets me live in the moment
Miniaturized animal: A tiger
Movie: Return of the Jedi
Outdoor Acitivity: Snowboarding
Music: Not bad music
Travel Desires: Probably South America

Name: Elena Parthemer
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: Eugene, OR
Where are you going? To explore!
Environmental Issue: Zero waste & environmental justice!
Passion: Yoga, Aerial arts, Loving & learning :)
Miniaturized Animal: Lemur
Movie: Pay It Forward
Outdoor Activity: Aerial fabric in trees!
Music: All!
Travel Desires: Anywhere & everywhere
Name: Hannah Smith
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies & Studio Art; Minor in Biology
Home: Telluride, CO
Where are you going? Following the snow!
Environmental Issue: Recycling! and natural resource use.
Passion: Learning hydrology, painting, sculpture, skiing... Too many to list!
Miniaturized Animal: A polar bear.
Movie: Fern Gully
Outdoor Activity: Skiing
Music: Depends on the day.
Travel Desires: Antarctica
Name: Rachel Joseph
Year: Junior
Major: Film
Home: Parker, CO
Where are you going? Hopefully somewhere warm!
Environmental Issue: Environmental justice... and recycling, of course!
Passion: Watching films, tea, my dogs, and sushi.
Miniaturized Animal: Elephants.
Movie: The Fall, Amadeus, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Godfather... I have too many.
Outdoor Activity: Tubing!
Music: Musical showtunes...
Travel Desires: I'd love to go back to Switzerland
Name: Curtis Beutler
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: Montrose, CO
Where are you going? I’m going up.
Environmental Issue: Rease & transportation
Passion: Kendama
Miniaturized Animal: A huge hog
Movie: Smoke Signals
Outdoor Activity: Rock climbing, back-country skiing, & stand up paddle boarding
Music: Dub
Travel Desires: Le Verdon Gorge, France
Name: Jackson Lombardi
Year: Junior?
Major: Psych
Home: Boulder, CO
Where are you going? Forward
Environmental Issue: Geeked up off clean energy
Passion: I'm a big fan of the outdoors
Miniaturized Animal: A Giraffe to dog size
Movie: Couldn't choose one, but a few favorites are Cloud Atlas, Outlaw Josey Wales, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Outdoor Activity: In the winter skiing and the summer hiking!
Music: I'm pretty open to all genres, even Country
Travel Desires: If I could go anywhere in the world it would be everywhere and I plan to.
Name: Larry Gumina
Year: Freshman
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: The Jersey Shore!
Where are you going? To explore wherever I can
Environmental Issue: Global Climate Change
Passion: Sustainability and helping to create a healthier planet
Miniaturized Animal: A polar bear!
Movie: Troy
Outdoor Activity: Surfing
Music: Rock n' Roll!!
Travel Desires: Peru

Name: Meredith Page
Year: Senior
Major: Geography
Home: Cornville, ME
Where are you going? Undecided
Environmental Issue: Deforestation
Passion: Recycling/having fun
Miniaturized Animal: Zebra
Movie: IT (Steven King)
Outdoor Activity: Skiing
Music: Classic Rock
Travel Desires: New Zealand
Name: Zach Nadiak
Year: Junior
Major: EBIO & Environmental Studies
Home: Montrose, CO
Where are you going? Somewhere rad
Environmental Issue: The idea of “less stuff”
Passion: Having fun
Miniaturized Animal: Lynx
Movie: 180 Degrees South
Outdoor Activity: Skiing/rock climbing
Music: Depends on the mood
Travel Desires: Southern part of Argentina/Chile
Name: Kelsey Myers
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies
Home: Erie, Pennsylvania
Where are you going? San Francisco, California
Environmental Issue: Organic farming
Passion: Pizza, flowers, porch talks
Miniaturized Animal: Panda
Movie: Into the Wild
Outdoor Activity: Hiking
Music: Folkly/bluegrass/jam bands
Travel Desires: Greece 

Name: Anissha Raju
Year: Sophomore
Major: Geology
Home: Malaysia
Where are you going? Let the destiny do its job
Environmental Issue: Composting!
Passion: Exploring the world
Miniaturized Animal: Elephant
Outdoor Activity: Hiking
Music: Pop
Travel Desires: Antarctica 
Name: Ashwin N. Barve
Year: First-year Graduate
Major: Telecommunications Engineering
Home: Pune, India
Where are you going? Towards my ultimate goal in life
Environmental Issue: Population Explosion
Passion: Sports
Miniaturized Animal: Tiger
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Outdoor Activity: Playing Soccer
Music: Hip-Hop, Oldies
Travel Desires: Netherlands
Name: Nathan Zick-Smith
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies and Geography
Home: Salt Lake City, UT
Where are you going? Everywhere
Environmental Issue: Climate change
Passion: Exercising, community building, and food/cooking
Miniaturized Animal: Elephant
Movie: October Sky
Outdoor Activity: Mountain Biking
Music: 90s Hip-Hip (i.e. Jurassic 5)
Travel Desires: Cuba 
Name: Pamela Sena
Name: Christian Rivas
Year: Junior
Major: Biophysics
Home: Westminster, CO
Where are you going? The final frontier
Environmental Issue: Renewable energy
Passion: Computer games
Miniaturized Animal: Honey badger
Movie: Kingpin
Outdoor Activity: Swimming
Music: Hip-Hop
Travel Desires: Barcelona, Spain