Shredding Service

Campus Document Shredding Service

To schedule a collection of material to be shredded through CU Recycling, please fill out the online

      Shredding Request Form

CU Recycling provides a shredding service to CU Boulder departments (no off-campus services provided).  This service is for documents and records that need to be kept separate and destroyed.  Shredded materials are recycled to their highest value.  Collection of materials is limited to 10 boxes or 2 carts per pick up.


  • $6 per box
  • $25 per cart

When CU Boulder departments request CU Recycling's shredding service, your materials are picked up by recycling staff, transported, and stored separately at our campus recycling facility.  Note that until they are shredded, the containers for materials are not locked.  The campus recycling facility is monitored by staff during open hours and locked outside of business hours.

CU departments who need higher levels of confidentiallity (such as the need for a locked bin certificate of confidential destruction) or who generate larger amounts of materials should contact an outside vendor for data destruction. For State of Colorado Procurement options and procedures, and vendor options, Click Here.

If your department shreds your own materials in your office, CU Recycling can pick up your shredded paper for recycling as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • We can accept only white and light colored shredded papers.
    • Before shredding, first separate and remove dark and bright colored paper, plastic or any other non-paper item.
    • If contaminants such as bright colors or plastics are mixed in with your shredded paper, we are not able to remove them so none of your paper can be recycled.
  • Please bag and seal your shredded paper into a clear bag, tied shut, before placing it in or next to a campus recycling bin.
    • This allows us to keep your shredded paper separate from the rest of our materials.
    • If shredded paper ends up on our recycling lines, it can bind up the equipment and inhibit the recycling process.