Buff Bikes Reference

Link: Buff Bikes Rental Financial Plan 2009 (Google Spreadsheet)
For sustainability and social responsibility purposes, we have elected for the domestically produced Worksman Cycles variety.

Link: Liability Waiver (PDF)
This waiver is used in conjunction with the checkout database; each user is required to sign a waiver each time he/she rents a bicycle, including renewals.

Link: Checkout Database (PDF)
We print a paper copy of this database to use at our bike station (the point where bicycles are checked out). This is collected three times per week to update an online spreadsheet containing all records.

Link: Worksman Cycles Industrial Newsboy Bicycle (website)
Worksman Cycles is a domestic producer of bicycles, in operation for over 100 years in New York and famous for their durable, industrial-design bicycles.

Link: Bicycle Manufacturer RFP
This RFP was used to select Worksman Cycles as the provider of the bicycles. It outlines the detailed specifications of the bicycles, along with priorities on environmental and social responsibility.

Link: Inspection Checklist
This spreadsheet outlines the 14 points of inspection our mechanics complete when reviewing our bicycles. A complete (60-bike) inspection is completed at the beginning and middle of our season. Each bicycle is reviewed after each rental according to these points.

(Rev. 05/10/2011, Peter Roper)