Other Programs

Beyond the traditional recycling, CU Recycling has several other programs that combine waste diversion, social justice, and economic development.  Here are just a few...

Computers to Youth (C2Y)

As a combined effort from CU Recycling, CU Property Services, and Colorado middle and high schools, C2Y helps "bridge the digital divide" by providing surplus computers to low income students.   

Green on the Screen: Digital Media Contest

Sponsored by Ball Corporation, CU Recycling delivers the "Green on the Screen: Digital Media Contest" to students on the CU Boulder campus.  Student contestents can win $1000 for their video entries that help promote recycling on the CU Campus.

Grade Sheet Survey

Help us deterine what format we will be using for the signs (grade sheets) above our Recycling, Compost, and Landfill bins in campus buildings!  Review our 3 designs and fill out the survey to give us some feed back.  We will use your input to make our final decision on varioius design elements, leading to a final Zero Waste Grade Sheet design used across campus!