Events to CU Recycling At


Here are some events featuring our Zero Waste Warriors!

Global Jam

When over 6,000 students arrive at Farrand Field each year to enjoy a picnic lunch of food from around the globe, they find no trashcans for their waste. That's because the Global Jam picnic is a Zero Waste Event and only serves compostable and recyclable materials, so nothing needs to be thrown into the landfill.  The goal of zero-waste is to divert at least 90% of all waste from the landfill through composting, recycling, and reuse.  

Each year at Global Jam, more than 80% of the waste is diverted from the landfill, with over 4,000 pounds of compost collected, over 500 pounds of cans and bottles, and 200 pounds of cardboard.

The zero waste efforts at Global Jam are a collaboration between the Department of Housing and Dining Services and the Environmental Center. We hope Global Jam will continue to set the trend for many more zero waste events on campus in the future. 

Bolder Boulder

Since 1999, CU Recycling has been providing recycling services for BolderBOULDER, which is one of the largest 10k road races in the world. The race attracts more than 50,000 runners and walkers and draws professional athletes from around the globe.

For results from the latest race, check out the:
 Bolder Boulder Recycling Report

Move In

At the end of every August, 6000 new students arrive to the CU residence halls.  Along with these eager, bright eyed first year students comes lots of cardboard and styrofoam that can be recycled.  

On average, over 10 tons of cardboard and over 60 yards of styrofoam will be diverted from the landfills by CU Recycling, using Recycling Ambassadors at the dock of each residence hall!

Move Out

As students move out of the residence halls on campus, they often leave behind any unwanted items.  Most of the time, these items are highly usable and deserve another life.

On average, 15-20 tons of clothes, bedding, small electronics, and other items are collected in the Halls during move out through the Resuable Items Donation Drive.  This diverts these items to local thrift stores and charitable organizations, giving them another life.

The Move Out Report for 2014 can be found here 

Welcome Fest Concert

To welcome in the new students, and welcome back the returning students, Program Council holds a concert on Farrand Field just before the first classes start in the fall.

CU Recycling is there to provide amply recycling opportunities for all the music fans.  So please make sure to "Put your waste in the right place" at your next concert!