Buff Energy Star

Every year building proctors and managers on the CU Boulder campus are eligible to win a bonus of up to $1,000 by figuring out how to save energy in their building.  This program is run in partnership with Facilities Management Office of Sustainability and the Environmental Center.

The Buff Energy Star Award is granted to buildings that fulfill all of the following 4 program criteria:

  • The building must reduce its electricity use by at least 5% from the prior fiscal year.
  • The building proctor must take an active role in communicating and encouraging building occupants to conserve resources. This can be achieved by displaying energy and water conservation posters and educational materials (provided by the Environmental Center and Office of Sustainability).
  • The building proctor must complete the Energy Audit Checklist with Moe Tabrizi.
  • The building proctor must work with the Office of Sustainability to take action on the findings of the audit and submit the Energy Audit Follow-UpDownload MS Word.

To learn more visit the Facilities Management Office of Sustainability website.