Green Teams

Recycling Green Teams

  • The Recycling Green Teams is a group of four students focused on improving off campus recycling. 
  • We collaborate with the City of Boulder to increase diversion rates for off campus student housing, to decrease contamination, and to educate about "zero waste" living
  • We focus on 2 main college student populated areas in the City of Boulder:
    • The Hill (in between Baseline St and Arapahoe and Broadway Ave and 9th St)
    • Goss/Grove (in between Canyan and Arapahoe, and Folsome and 15th)
Main Programs
  • Literature Drops
    • Our main method of education involves direct interaction with student residents at their off campus homes.  The focus is to increase awareness about recycling/composting in Boulder and provide resources for residents to establish/practice zero waste in their home environment.  
  • Bin Drops
    • As a form of Multi Family Unit (MFU) outreach, bin drops are designed to give residents in MFUs the tools to recycle effectively.  Recycling bins or bags are provided for residents to be used inside apartments along with zero waste guidelines to practice proper recycling/composting habits.
  • Spot Checks
    • To measure the success of the bin drops in the MFUs, recycling rates and conamination levels are recorded before and after bins are given to MFU residents.  Data tells us weather or not the MFU recycling has improved due to the bin drops.
Team Structure: 

The Green Teams consists of four student employees. One team coordinator and three team members. The coordinator is in charge of much of the logistical aspects of the program such as printing, keeping records, and writing reports.