Green Printing Guidelines

Reduce your paper use.

  • Lower consumption by emailing drafts, notes and newsletters instead of printing them.
  • Make your own notepads using scrap paper.
  • Edit documents online instead of printing drafts.
  • No Goldenrod, Fluorescents, or bright-colored paper.
  • One important way to reduce waste is to print on recyclable paper.
  • Many people don't know that Goldenrod, Fluorescents, and bright colors are not recyclable because of the strong dyes used to make them.
  • For your next meeting or event, please choose paper that is recyclable.

Printer Use.

  • Reduce your margins when printing.
  • Use recycled toner cartridges for laser printers.
  • Print double sided and on 100% post-consumer paper.
  • Turn off the printer when not in use.