The Green Office Program is designed to update and inform CU's Faculty and Staff about sustainability programs on the CU-Boulder campus.  Increasing staff and faculty awareness of environmental policies, operations, resources at the university will maximize participation, reduce resource consumption and save money, and provide practical knowledge to pass along to students and employees. As the employer of over 7,000 faculty and staff, CU-Boulder has a tremendous impact on the community. 

In 2005, the Environmental Center initiated the formalized faculty and staff Environmental Liaison Program. Over 50 building proctors, office managers, and department heads attended brown bag lunches on conservation topics tailored toward office practices, attended Eco-Leader orientation training sessions, and received a monthly e-newsletter.  Currently, the Green Office Program involves Eco-Leaders in a voluntary role. 

The duties of the Eco-Leader include:

  • Attend one optional orientation training session.

  • Utilize and share information provided by Green Office Program Coordinator.

  • Receive updates and disseminate relevant information to their departmental colleagues.

  • Fill out the Self-Assessment and submit it to the Green Office Program Coordinator.
  • Review compiled list of gaps or areas that could use improvement and appropriate recommendations.
  • If a department chooses to pursue Green Office Certification, the Eco-Leader will facilitate this process by scheduling the one-hour training program for their department. It is suggested that the presentation be incorporated into an existing departmental meeting in order to increase participation. The training presentation is conducted by Environmental Center staff.

  • Train new staff on the department's environmental practices.  The self-assessment form can be used to guide training.


The Environmental Center has partnered with staff in Facilities Management, Parking and Transportation Services and other operational departments where appropriate to ensure accuracy of information and effective utilization of the Eco-Leaders. As you can see from the outlined responsibilities, the program is not intended to create undue demands on staff’s valuable time, but to create educational avenues. It is our hope that this program will build a community and culture of support for resource conservation on campus resulting in financial and environmental benefits.

Upon signing up,  Eco-leaders will receive an email containing information on the program, steps of certification, and useful information and links on sustainable office practices.


Updated 03/2012

Academic Affairs - Bernadette Langbein

Accounting & Business Services - Jeni Comly

Arts and Sciences (accounting) - Jeffery Carver

Assistant VP UMS - Susan Ponsor

Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences - Susan Thompson

Athletic Business Affairs - Candy Parkhurst

Baker Environ Res Academic program - Claire Figel

Book Store – Kathryn Gaudreau

Building Proctor - Cynthia Combs

Building Proctor - Diane Smith

Building Proctor - Gina Iannelli

Building Proctor - Linda Bowden

Bursars Office - Laura Raile

Campus Energy Conservation - Moe Tabrizi

Career Services - Cherie Wilcox

Center for the American West - Amanda Hardman

Center for Multicultural Affairs - Alexis Smith

Chemical and Biological Engineering - Patti Siegfried

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Lynn Sarkis

College of Arts & Sciences - Anna Jensen

College of Architecture and Planning - Jane Nakama

College of Music - Peggy Hinton

Communication - Cathy Lee

Continuing Education - International English Center – Sylvie Chevallier

Continuing Ed - Geoffrey Rubinstein

Coop Inst Res/Env Science - Rob Schubert

CU Book Store - Kathryn Gaudreau

CU Conference Services – Virginia Schultz

Distribution Center - Edmond N Dubois

East-Asia Language - Kyoko Saegusa

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology - Loren Sackett

Engineering and Applied Science - Paul Dorn

English - Jeanine Reinke

Environmental Center - Dana Kelly

Environmental Design - Jenni Richardson

Environmental Engineering  - Gina Iannelli

Environmental Health and Safety - Sherril Potter

Environmental Studies - Penny Bates

Ethnic Studies - Susan Armstrong

Facility Operations - Sara Rose

Facility Operations – Environmental Services - Meggan Foster

Farrand Academic Program - John Martin

Facilities Management Business Services - MacKensey L Charles

French and Italian - Jillian Mariani

Geography  - Karen Weingarten

Greek Affairs - Stephanie Baldwin

Herbst Academic Center – Michele Brannigan

History  - Kellie Mathews

Housing & Dining Services - Lauren Heising

Humanities and the Arts, Center for - Nancy Arnt

Human Resources -Employment Services - Elyse Cadogan

Institute for Behavior Genetics - Kathy Huckfeldt

Institute for Behavior Science - Lori Hoppe

International Student & Scholar Services and Study Abroad Office - Katherine Goldberg

Integrated Physiology - Carrie Mares

Journalism - Sheri Hay

Kittridge Honors Program - Teri Craig

Koenig Alumni - Latife Bulus

LASP - Michael Mills

Leeds Undergrad Student Services Office - Wendy McCann

Mathematics - Donna Maes

Molecullar, Cellular, and Developmental Biology - Kathy Lozier

Museum Collections - Toni Culver

Office of International Education  (OIE) – Sarah Westmoreland

Office of the Registrar - Antonia Murphy

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Elizabeth Tomich & Christian Taylor

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs - Liz Garfield

Philosophy - Maureen Detmer

Physics - Michael Thomason

Parking and Transportation Services - Ann Sondergard

Public Safety - Jon Bennett

Recreation Center- Diane Belz

Spanish & Portuguese - Doreen Williams

Sociology - Rebekah Dury

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Ryan Armstrong

Student Legal Services - Marcie Bigsby

Student Organizations Finance Office - Wanda Storrer

Technology Transfer Office - Lynn Pae

Transportation Services - Lauren Miremont

University Libraries - Micheal Dombrowski

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs - Liz Garfield

Volunteer Resource Center - Anna Domenico

Wise Law Library - Georgia Briscoe

Women's Resource Center - Amanda Linsenmeyer

Wardenburg Health Center - Javier Portillo