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New Law Prohibits Landfill Disposal of Electronics in Colorado

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The “Electronic Recycling Jobs Act,” (SB12-133) prohibits the disposal of waste electronic devices (e-waste) in Colorado as of July 1, 2013.  Residents can no longer place computers and many other types of electronics at the curb, or in the waste bins, for collection and disposal. Instead consumers must deliver their electronic equipment to collection facilities or collection events for recycling.  Industry, businesses, government agencies, institutions and schools are already subject to restrictions on disposal of electronic wastes, by the Universal Waste Rule [Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations 6 CCR 1007-3 Part 273.]

Electronics that are Banned from Disposal

“Waste electronic devices”, as defined by the new law, include television sets, central processing units (CPUs), computer monitors, peripherals, printers, fax machines, laptops, notebooks, ultra books, net books, electronic tablets, digital video disc players, video cassette recorders and video display devices with a screen greater than four inches.

Environmental Hazards

Electronic devices contain a number of hazardous elements, such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and sliver. Computer batteries also may contain nickel- cadmium, lithium, or sealed lead acid. These constituents are not a concern when the equipment is in use, but they can migrate if disposed in a landfill, potentially contaminating groundwater and soil.

At CU Boulder

  • Electronics are no longer accepted for disposal inside or outside of ANY refuse container on University property.
  • Collection events for electronics may be offered by the University at a later date for Residence Halls and Family Housing tenants. Nominal disposal fees may apply. Tenants will be notified when such events occur.
  • Departmental property (not Housing and Dining materials) needs to be properly disposed of through Property Services:

Recycling Options for E-Waste

Certified Electronics Recycling Locations*


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 Eco-Cycle's CHaRM



 Green Girl Recycling



 Western Disposal Services



 Best Buy



*E-waste Recycler Certification: Certified electronics recyclers have demonstrated through audits and other means that they continually meet specific environmental standards and safely manage used electronics

Disclaimer: The identification of companies, listed above, does not constitute endorsement, approval or recommendaiton of any kind and is provided for informational purposes only.

Other Recycling Options: Many local retailers also offer electronics recycling services. Be sure to ask how they manage end-of-life electronic equipment, where the equipment will be processed, if any components will be sent for disposal as solid waste or shipped overseas, and if they are R2 or e-Stewards certified. This information is important because of concerns about environmentally risky practices or failure to comply with applicable waste disposal regulations.