Education & Outreach

Resources for Recycling Education and Outreach

E.I.R - Environmental Impact Report

CU Recycling can provide a building or department an EIR which documents the amount of material recycled and the equivalent environmental benefits. Display the poster to show that recycling makes a world of difference!

Request a Recycling Display for your Building

A four foot stack of newspaper securely fastened to an attractive base. Designed to give a visual reminder of the benefit of individual participation: one four-foot stack of paper recycled, saves the equivalent of a forty-foot Douglas Fir tree.

In-Office Recycling Presentation

Invite CU Recycling to your next meeting! This presentation can answer your questions about recycling, composting, campus services, recycled products, how to reduce waste in your office and more.

The program includes:

  • slide show of the campus program
  • hands-on question and answer period
  • posters and materials for your office
  • 10 - 45 minutes of great information (you determine the length)

Call CU Recycling at 303-492-8307 or email to schedule a presentation.

Tour of the CU Campus Recycling Facility

Currently, the Intermediate Processing Facility (IPF - campus recylcing facility) has been demolished due to the Folsom Stadium expansion.  A new facility is under construction and will be built over the summer of 2015.  We are currently in a temporary recylcing facility but cannot offer tours due to space constraints and operational limitations.  Once the new facility is built with the operations established, we will resume tours.


Green Your Office

Set up a visit for a CU Environmental Center representative to perform an educational assessment of your office’s environmental practices. Feedback includes tips on how to become an environmentally friendly office as well as helpful information and resources on the following topics:

  • recycling
  • waste reduction
  • procurement
  • energy use
  • transportation
  • pest management

Call 303-492-8307 or email to schedule a visit.

Hall or Floor Meeting Presentations

CU Recycling can come to your next hall or floor meeting and answer questions about recycling, recycled products, composting and how to reduce waste in your hall. Presentations include posters and materials for your hall, a hands-on question and answer period, and more. Presentations can last anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes – you decide.

Recycling Bulletin Boards

The Environmental Center has lots of ready-to-post bulletin boards that contain information which highlights how, what and why to recycle. Contact us for downloadable posters, guides, designs and info.

Fieldtrip to CU’s Recycling Center

The perfect community wide program! Ever wonder where all the recycling on campus goes? Bring residents to CU’s Intermediate Processing Facility (IPF) for an hour long tour of the recycling process. To schedule a tour call 303-492-8307.

Hall Council and Residence Life Staff Meetings

Are residents asking you questions about recycling procedures that you’re not sure about? Or have other questions about potential recycling initiatives in your hall?  Invite CU Recycling staff to your next staff meeting for a 15 – 30 minute presentation about recycling procedures, programs, and more. Call 303-492-8307 to schedule.

Academic Resource Guide

This guide was designed to aid students in their efforts to receive academic credit in environmental topics. This guide was created to provide students with a quick overview of departmental offerings and requirements for CU students as well as national/international academic resources.

Class Presentations

Contact CU Recycling to schedule a recycling presentation for your class. Topics range from consumption patterns and environmental benefits to recycling industry analysis and processing.

Research Opportunities

CU Recycling facilitates a wide variety of academic projects which directly benefit our program and your resume. Students can apply their skills to real world problems. We have many ideas for student research projects or independent study. These span academia, from the Business School to Engineering to Environmental Studies. Contact us for internship opportunities, and research needs that will help the program and your coursework.