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Student Staff

Fall 2014 Student Employees       

Altangerel, Udval

A/V and Multimedia Coordinator, Sustainable Practices Videographer and Film Editor

Arthur, Julia

Green Labs Assistant

Ayalew, Helina

Green Labs Assistant

Bacon, Catherine

Green Labs Assistant

Badenhausen, Carl (CJ)

Bike Programs

Barber, Joseph

Bike Programs

Barckholtz, Mark

Green Labs Team Lead (INSTAAR)

Barve, Ashwin

Special Events Recycling Assistant

Behringer, Maggie

Recycling Assistant, A/V Assistant

Bennett, Annie

Energy Green Teams

Bernier, Austen

Volunteer Coordinator

Beutler, Curtis

Recycling Outreach

Biniskiewicz, Andrea

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Boronski, Heather

Assembly for Sustainability and Equity/ Environmental Justice

Bosma, Kyria

Green Labs Assistant

Brichta, Kelly

A/V and Multimedia Support

Briggs, Rosie

Recycling Assistant

Bring, Arden

Recycling Assistant

Cannon, Taylor

Communications Coordinator

Chellani, Niketa

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Cho, Grace Eun

Outreach and Engagement Assistant, Office Assistant

Cipolla, Carly

Outreach and Engagement Assistant

Coates, Maxton

Bike Programs

Coulter, Kathleen

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

D'Angelo, Daniel

Sports Sustainability Assistant

Dechamps, Pia

Ski Bus Manager

Dixon, Hayley

Events Coordinator

Dondey, Nicholas

Sustainable Transportation and Ski Bus Assistant

Dougherty, Logan

Greek Sustainability

Erdenebat, Indra

Energy Outreach

Farris, Jessica

Communications Support

Fuller, Samuel

Bike Programs

Germann, Phillip

Bike Programs

Gesundheit, Isaac

Bike Programs

Goldsmith, Alexander

Recycling Assistant

Grant, Leisa

Bike Programs

Greening, Zachary

Recycling Assistant

Gross, Maddie

Sustainable Living Education Coordinator

Gumina, Larry

Recycling Outreach

Haas, Natalie

Recycling Assistant

Hassan, Ellie

Graphics Design

Heng, Wen Khai

Compost Supervisor, Recycling Assistant

Hernandez Rimer, Garrett

Special Events Recycling Assistant

Holtz, Nina

Assembly for Sustainability and Equity/ Environmental Justice

Hooper, Topaz

Assembly for Sustainability and Equity/ Environmental Justice

Jennings, Jeff

Campus Sustainability Communications, Research

Joseph, Rachel

Recycling Outreach

Kirk, Sarah

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Knudson, Athena

Bike Programs, Buff Bikes Fleet

Kronenberg, Ben

UMC Recycling Coordinator

LeNard, L.

Outreach and Engagement Assistant

Lightsey, Ari

Recycling Outreach

Littlefield, Ahnika

Recycling Assistant

Lombardi, Jackson

Recycling Outreach

Loria, Kelly

Energy Outreach

Martin, Ryan

Compost Supervisor

Martinez, Ana

Recycling Assistant

Martinez, Gabriel

Assembly for Sustainability and Equity/ Environmental Justice

McDonald, Shane

Bike Programs

McNeil, Laird

Bike Programs

Mitoma, Alex

Ralphie's Green Stampede Volunteer Coordination

Mohamed, Basheer

Computers to Youth Assistant

Myers, Kelsey

Recycling Green Teams

Nadiak, Zach

Recycling Green Teams

Norberg, Ashlyn

Green Labs Assistant, STARS Assistant, SPP Assistant

Page, Meredith

Recycling Green Teams

Parthemer, Elena

Recycling Outreach, SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Pattillo, Gus

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Petrarca, Luke

Greek Sustainability

Poley, Robin

Recycling Assistant

Poudyal, Richa

Green Office and Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator

Ragar, Dillon

Energy Outreach

Raju, Anissha

Ralphie's Green Stampede Volunteer Coordinator

Reding, Jennifer

Green Labs Assistant

Rieves, Lucy

Bike Station Staff

Rivas, Christian

Recycling Lead Worker, Special Events Recycling Manager

Robertson, Lily

Green Labs Team Lead Chemistry

Roeca, Alex

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Roper, Amanda

Bike Programs

Roskey, Brett

Bike Programs

Santulli, Michael

Ideas Launcher Intern

Searchinger, Drew

Outreach and Engagement Assistant

Selvaraju, Vigneshwaran (Vic)

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Sena, Pamela

Compost Supervisor

Shelesky, Stephen

Recycling Green Teams

Sigle, Zoe

Energy Outreach, Sustainable Food Support

Singular, Eric

Recycling Assistant

Smith, Allison

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Smith, Christina E (Tina)

Green Labs Team Lead JSCBB

Smith, Hannah

Recycling Outreach

Stewart, Jared

Green Labs Team Lead EBIO

Stuber, Samantha

Energy Green Teams

Sykes, Lydia

Energy Green Teams Coordinator

Thomoff, Caroline

Recycling Assistant

Thorne, Phoebe

Recycling Assistant, Special Events Recycling Manager

Tittes, Silas

Green Labs Team Lead EBIO

Urias, Christopher

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Vander Meulen, Sarah

Green Labs Assistant

Vu, Kevin

Transportation Graphics Design

Vujcich, Sarah

Bioneers Intern

Wanberg, Peter

Bike Station Staff

White, Elizabeth

Recycling Assistant

Williams, Corrie

Teach for Sustainability Instructor

Winston, Ryan

Bike Programs

Winter, Sarah

Ralphie's Green Stampede

Witt, Sadie

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Woodard, Ethan

Bike Programs

Woodworth, Jamie

Graphics Design, Outreach and Engagement

Woythal, Rebecca

Office Assistant, Population Conversation Assistant

Young, Courtney

SCORE Energy Assessment Technician

Zick-Smith, Nathan

Football Compost Supervisor

Zimmerman, Jake

Sports Sustainability and Fan Engagement Assistant


CU Student Government Environmental Board

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Fall 2014 Members

 Professional Staff



Jack DeBell

Recycling Program Development Director

It's time to take a positive look at work being done for recycling goals, Boulder County Business Report, May 1999

Jack DeBell has directed the University of Colorado’s recycling program as a State employee since 1985. Prior to 1985, he worked for CU Recycling as a student and applied his coursework to develop operational, managerial, and promotional aspects of the program.

His accomplishments include teaching a certification and internship program for students interested in recycling careers, publishing a Decision Makers Guide to Recycling, serving on the National Recycling Coalition's Board of Directors, and co-creating the College and University Recycling Council. He was recognized with the University’s highest staff honor, the Robert Stearns Award, in 1997.

With Jack's assistance, C.U. Recycling has gained widespread recognition including Colorado’s Recycler of the Year in 1988, the EPA’s Pollution Prevention Award in 1992, the National Recycling Coalition award for Outstanding School Recycling Program in 1995, and most recently, the Office of Federal Environmental Executive’s Model Campus Recycling Program award in 1999.

Phone: (303) 492-8307
Contact Jack DeBell


Dan Baril

Recycling Program Manager

The most recent stop on the path of life for Dan Baril has led him to the position of Recycling Program Manager for the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dan decided to take on the responsibility of recycling at CU in the Spring of 2006, bringing him to be involved in one of the most established campus recycling programs in the Nation.

This CU Recycling Program is an appropriate destination for Dan¹s path since many of his steps to get here were walked next to bottles and cans. Starting his recycling mentality at Babson College, where he managed and expanded the campus recycling program to include all residence halls and a sorting process to generate revenue from the waste stream. While earning a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Dan also served as an intern to the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Nashua, NH. This experience provided a direct knowledge of the impacts that a recycling center has on a city¹s waste stream.

After college graduation, Dan spent his summers recycling at music festivals with the company Clean Vibes. This company was the clean up crew for festivals such as Bonnaroo, High Sierra, All Good, Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, and many more. The great part about this company was their emphasis on recycling while also cleaning up all other trash in the process, right down to the cigarette butts. After cleaning up the solid waste that 100,000 people produce at a 4 day festival, Dan has seen the need to establish recycling as a standard habit practiced by all

With the CU Recycling program, Dan can help to foster a sense of environmental stewardship among students for them to carry with them for the rest of their lives. Day to day functions involve managing the recycling student staff, who are the life force of the recycling program, organizing recycling at special events on campus, working with the outreach team to spread awareness of recycling on campus, and working with the Green Teams to reach the students off campus.

Beyond recycling, Dan spends his time climbing, snowboarding, hiking, B Boying, mixing records, and going to see live music. Dan also strives to exercise regularly and eat healthy, as positive mentality can be directly related to physical well-being.

Phone: (303)492-4330

Contact Dan Baril



Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish                                                 

Energy & Climate Justice Program Manager

Michelle has long been passionate & active in sustainability, social justice, and cultural imagination.  She is a former US State Department BoldFood fellow working to ensure global food security starting in the US and Uganda. She is also a former Center for Progressive Leadership fellow. She comes to the Environmental Center from the leadership team at Woodbine Ecology Center which promotes sustainable communities and indigenous values.

Michelle graduated from Colorado College where she studied Anthropology, Women's Issues, International Development and Urban Studies. As an avid sustainability advocate, Michelle incorporates a social justice framework in all she does.  Through diverse community projects and experiments, she humbly dedicates herself to transforming our cultural, political and physical infrastructure in ways that enhance health, the environment, social justice, culture and beauty. 

Her favorite ecological term is "ecotome" (or ecotone), an especially diverse boundary zone between ecological communities. Michelle is a multi-ethnic writer, project instigator, budding permaculturist, wife and mother of three. 

Phone: (303) 492-3229

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Bruce Goldstein

Academic Outreach and Education Coordinator

Bio and Photo coming soon!

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SarahDawn Haynes

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

SarahDawn was introduced to The Environmental Center in 2005 through the Colorado Bioneers, which is hosted on campus annually by the Ecenter.  After transferring in January of 2006 from Front Range Community College, she began volunteering, which eventually led to an entry-level position putting up posters for events. The next several years she held the promotions and volunteer student coordinator position.  In December of 2008 she graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Policy with a minor in Geography. Since then, she has been full time with the Environmental Center.  

Her work helps connect the dots between social justice, the economy and environmental issues to achieve true sustainability and social uplift by supporting student leadership.  She manages volunteers, general promotions, conference and event support and is an overall helping hand for the centers program managers, student employees and interns.   Her specialty is connecting students with the "right" people or places on campus and in the broader community so they may contribute to CU's legendary leadership and thrive in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits.  

Her passions include Colorado Bioneers ConferenceEnvironmental Justice education and action, leading restoration and trail crews with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, edutaining youth in various capacities, and bringing love to all children, but especially her young nephew Seth and three godchildren.  She grew up in Evergreen and Bailey, CO and has lived in Boulder since 2002. 


Phone: 303.492.7360

Contact Sarah Dawn Haynes



 Dana Kelly

Office Manager

Dana Kelly has worked with the Environmental Center since 1995.  One of the things she loves about her job as office manager is that she gets to know everyone who walks in the door -- from dozens of student staff to administrators to visiting volunteers.  Being surrounded by the E-Center community's enthusiasm and actions that are changing the world makes it a joy to go to work every day.

Dana graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Anthropology and Radio-Television-Film, before moving to Colorado with her husband Darren.  Together they enjoy hiking, mountaineering, snowboarding and telemark skiing.  They have introduced their six-year-old son Dylan to the wonders of Colorado's beautiful backcountry, and travel often to neighboring Utah's desert canyons.  In between trips to the mountains and beyond, Dana and her family can usually be found at the local soccer fields. 

Phone: (303) 492-8308
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Kevin Krizek

Senior Transportation Fellow

Kevin J. Krizek came to the University of Colorado in 2007 as a professor of Planning and Design and was appointed director of the doctoral program in the College of Architecture and Planning. In addition to his regular work at CU Boulder, he has recently been named CU's Senior Transportation Fellow.

This new position by the Environmental Center was created to help provide the campus and the community with a vision and plan towards an advanced sustainable transportation system. The role includes interacting with campus and community transportation planning to assist with and synergize local and regional transportation issues, working with the CU Environmental Center's sustainable transportation program, mentoring CU students, and assisting faculty and staff in developing expertise and innovation related to transportation demand management.

"I hope to facilitate what CU has worked toward in motorized and non-motorized planning, and to further solidify the vision for CU and the community toward a sustainable transportation system," said Krizek.

Krizek said that it is important to recognize that CU has already taken ambitious steps to embrace sustainable transportation. With one of the most walkable and scenic campuses in the U.S., extensive bike trails with safety underpasses, and a well used public transit system, Krizek emphasized that his work will be to capitalize on these assets as much as possible, and to elevate what is in place to the next level.

Krizek is also the academic outreach and education coordinator for Sustainability Initiatives on the Boulder campus, and he is co-director of Active Communities/Transportation Research Group which studies land use and transportation policy effects on residence and transportation choices.

He holds a doctorate in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington in Seattle.  Krizek's blog, Vehicle for a Small Planet, discusses bicycle planning, active transportation, and active communities.

Contact Kevin Krizek



Marianne Moulton Martin

Associate Director

Marianne Moulton Martin has been with the Environmental Center since 1998. Currently as Associate Director, Marianne is responsible for managing finances, communications, promotions and marketing, and conferences and events. She also works with student staff on campus sustainability initiatives such as sustainable food, reducing toxics and green purchasing. Marianne served a year-long term as Interim Director of the Center in 2005.

Marianne earned a BA in Environmental Conservation, Sociology and Economics in 1995 from CU-Boulder. While a CU student, she was the student director of the Wilderness Study Group and conducted roadless area surveys on the Routt National Forest. She conducted grant-funded research on "The Impacts of Transitioning from Extractive Industries to Tourism-based Economies: Case Studies of Rural Communities in Southwestern Colorado".

Marianne has also been active with conservation organizations such as the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project and Colorado Wild. She was the Assistant Director of SREP (1995-1998) and served as Treasurer on the SREP Board of Directors until 2004.  SREP is now part of Rocky Mountain Wild.  

Marianne is also President of her family's business- Burrell School Vineyards and Winery - in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. She eventually plans to take on a more active role in the family owned and operated business but in the meantime, Marianne enjoys the seasons of Colorado where she lives with her husband Bill and twin boys.  Interests and activities include cooking, telemark skiing and organic gardening.

Phone: (303) 492-8308
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Dave Newport


Dave Newport was appointed Director, Environmental Center, University of Colorado-Boulder, in December 2005. Dave’s background is in environmental and sustainability research, teaching, publishing, and public service.

Dave comes to Boulder from his previous post as the University of Florida’s first Director of the Office of Sustainability. At UF, he researched and published higher educations’ first sustainability report compiled to global business standards, led global efforts aimed at unifying sustainability reporting in higher education, sheparded a plan to make the nation’s fourth largest university “a global leader in sustainability,” launched a zero-waste program that has since become UF’s 2025 target for all operations, and published carbon-neutrality research and planning designed to make the university climate-neutral. Dave also taught UF’s Honors Program Sustainability course, community leadership courses, and lectured extensively on campus greening and transparency.

Dave was a county commissioner from 1998-2002 and elected Chairman of the Alachua County Commission (Gainesville, Florida) in 2000. As Commissioner, he championed renewable energy and energy conservation efforts and sustainability policies for the county. Dave remains a board member and Strategic Policy Director for Cross Creek Initiative, Inc., a Florida-based non-profit that works with public and private sector clients on green building, energy, and sustainability planning.

At CU, Dave also teaches a Campus Carbon Neutrality Planning Course in the Environmental Studies Department, and Chairs CU's Carbon Neutrality Working Group.

He is active in national sustainability issues as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Prior to joining AASHE's Board, Dave helped create the Sustainability Tracking and Ratings Systems (STARS), a set of campus sustainability metrics similar to the LEED system--and dubbed by the Chronicle for Higher Education as the "gold standard of campus sustainability metrics."

Dave Newport in 1985 founded Florida Environments Magazine, a regional environmental news publication. From 1985 to 1997 Florida Environments' staff and Dave won many awards including Florida Audubon Environmental Journalist of the Year and the 1000 Friends of Florida Al Burt Award for Environmental Journalism.

Previously, Dave was laboratory director and instructor in the  Environmental Science Technology department at Sanata Fe College in Gainesville, Florida where he taught advanced environmental analytical techniques. From 1976-1981 Dave was a research technician with the National Council of the Paper Industry and as an EPA contractor where he helped develop analytical methods for isolating and quantifying air and water pollutants.

Dave is completing a Masters of Science degree in Energy Resource Management and Policy from the University of Maryland, University College. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University, management and communications, and an Associate of Science degree from Santa Fe College in Environmental Science Technology. Dave is also a Fellow of the American Hospital Association’s Healthy Community Leadership program, a LEED accredited professional for green building by the US Green Building Council, and a Stephen Covey-certified leadership trainer.

Dave has written, published, and presented widely on the topics of sustainability reporting, campus greening, and the practices and principles of sustainability and leadership. Dave has served on dozens of related boards and committees including US Environmental Protection Agency Higher Education Sector Performance Monitoring Task Force (current) and ULSF-UNEP-GRI Sustainability Indicators Working Group.

A beekeeper and fisherman, recumbent bicycler, and combined-driving horse-carriage competitor, Dave also plays the pedal steel guitar. He is married to Nancy Lockhart Newport and together they have five children ages 15-30.

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Phone: (303) 492-8308

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Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar

CU Green Labs Program Manager

Kathy manages the CU-Boulder Green Labs Program, a program she has been building & creating since 2009.  She has a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Colorado-Boulder, a BS in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, and 15 years of laboratory research experience within the fields of Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, & Organic Chemistry.   

Working as a research scientist, she saw a real need for a program to engage scientists in conservation.   With the birth of her twin daughters & her hope for their future, grew her passion to promote change & create a program focused on resource conservation in labs which could serve as a model for other campuses to adopt. 

Kathy’s action on climate change and conservation do not stop at work, but also is an important part of her personal life as a community member, citizen, and mother.  With life’s abundance of opportunities, she does what she can to act each day, especially for system changes, and to inspire others to act as well.    

Phone:  (303)859-2068

Contact Kathy Ramirez-Aguilar



Kelly Simmons

Sustainable Practices Program Manager

Kelly Simmons officially joined the Environmental Center in July 2011 after working for a year to successfully move the Sustainable Practices program from CU Boulder's Continuing Education Department to its current home at the Environmental Center.  Her duties include managing the program and occasionally teaching a course.  Kelly loves working at the E-Center and being around such dedicated and knowledgable colleagues and students.

Kelly moved to Colorado from Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2001 with her family.  She holds a dual degree in Women's Studies and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  She earned her Master's in Education at Regis University in Denver and holds both a certificate in Permaculture Design and Permaculture Teaching.  Kelly is the former Director of the Boulder Sustainability Education Center, and spent a year in Bali, Indonesia teaching at the Green School, an award winning international school.  She has taught permaculture design and sustainable living skills at a variety of venues both nationally and overseas and has written for Permaculture Activist magazine.

Kelly servies on the City of Boulder Solar Grants Committee, and has also served on the Boulder Valley Sustainability Education Task Force.  Her home has been on the Boulder Tour do Coops and the Center for ReSource Conservation's Tour of Sustainable Homes.

When she isn't working to promote and manage the Sustainable Practices program, she loves to be active.  Interests include blues dancing, skiing, hiking, and working in her garden.  Kelly lives on an urban permaculture demonstration site in south Boulder with her family, honeybees, chickens and an extensive perennial polyculture of edible and medicinal plants.


Phone:  (303)492-7438

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Brandon Smith

Transportation Program Manager

After Brandon Smith’s first backpacking trip to Colorado at the age of 14 he knew that he wanted to move here. It took another 13 years to make that dream into a reality.

Brandon began his professional career in Austin, Texas as an intern with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a Municipal Solid Waste Planner and the next summer doing environmental enforcement.   After graduating from Texas State University with a B.S. in Geography/Urban and Regional Planning, he was hired back to the Enforcement Division where he specialized in Public Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant cases. After a couple of years, Brandon was promoted to the Air Quality Division to assist with managing grants used to replace old and dirty diesel engines.  Eventually he became the Program Manager for the Texas Low Emission Diesel program, which required refiners and distributors to produce a much cleaner burning diesel.  

In 2007, the move to Colorado finally happened.  Throughout college, Brandon worked at numerous bike shops throughout Texas and Colorado, so he was a able to obtain a position as a Sales Manager with a bike shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. Six months later he was hired as a Land Use Planner for Grand County, Colorado (Winter Park).  When the economy took a sharp downturn and the development in Grand County came to a halt, Brandon quit his job to attend Graduate School at the University of Colorado Denver where he obtained a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning.  During school he worked as a Planning Intern with Boulder County and later become the County’s Bike Planner/Employee Transportation Coordinator. 

Getting people out of their SOVs (single occupancy vehicles) and into carpools, vanpools, buses, walking, and on bikes has long been a passion of Brandon’s.  Since college he’s personally been involved in numerous carpools, vanpools, has ridden a lot of buses and pedaled tons of miles on his bike. Brandon likes to practice what he preaches, so his daily commute consists of riding one of his seven bikes to Union Station and then taking the bus from Denver to Boulder.

The most exciting part of the job for Brandon is working with college students to create a habit of using sustainable transportation that they will hopefully carry throughout their lives. 

When Brandon isn’t commuting from Denver or working (which often are at the same time thanks to smart phones) he enjoys rafting, cycling, camping, gardening, exploring the Utah desert, telemark skiing, or just being outside with friends and his dogs.  

Words that he strives to live by, “Be part of the solution, not part of the problem”.    

Phone:  (303)492-8414

Contact Brandon Smith


Will Toor

Former Director

Full bio and list of publications