National and Local Presenters

National Plenaries

As a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network event, the Front Range Bioneers network event broadcasts the presentations of the national 2015 Bioneers event.  The national presenters are not physically at the Boulder, Colorado event. 

2015 National Presenters

Keynotes - Friday, Saturday and Sunday:


Kenny Ausubel, Co-CEO and founder (in 1990) of Bioneers, is an award-winning social entrepreneur, journalist, author and filmmaker. Co-founder and first CEO of the organic seed company, Seeds of Change, his film (and companion book) Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime helped influence national alternative medicine policy. He has edited several books and written four, including, most recently, Dreaming the Future: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature. (

Friday keynotes:


Navigating Adaptation and Resilience as Un-Sustainability Hits the Tipping Point

Introduction by Laurie Benenson, TreePeople Board Member

As founder and President of L.A.’s legendary TreePeople, Andy Lipkis has brought visionary solutions to the once-poster child of municipal environmental madness. Inventing the citizen forestry movement and engaging hundreds of thousands of Angelenos, over the past decade he has systematically demonstrated how to repair and restore an urban watershed by integrating ecology, economy and justice. As L.A.’s eco-governance model starts to spread globally, he will report from the front lines of the City of Angels and from Australia, which has engaged the entire citizenry as watershed managers.


Food, Race and Justice

Introduction by Greg Watson, Schumacher Center

Malik Yakini, Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, will explore how the current industrial food system that supplies most of our food creates inequities, based in part on the social construct we call “race.”  He will share thoughts on addressing racism, thinking beyond the logic of capitalism and how we might create a more just, sustainable food system.


Youth activist rap duo


Crowdsourcing the Feminine Intelligence of the Planet

Introduction by Nina Simons, Bioneers Co-Founder

World Pulse founder Jensine Larsen and Sister Zeph, an award-winning Pakistani digital crusader for girls’ education, explain how their global network is harnessing the power of digital communication into a powerful force for change by connecting women from more than 190 countries - including those reaching out using Internet cafés and cell phones from remote rural areas and conflict zones. She will share her personal journey building World Pulse from a vision into a network now impacting over 2 million lives. She and Sister Zeph will show us how we can participate in this soulful digital revolution to unleash the true feminine intelligence of the planet.

Youth LeadershipJUNIOR WALK, Brower Youth Award Winner, on Appalachian resistance to the coal-mining industry and mountain-top removal.


Reclaiming Our Indigeneity and Our Place in Modern Society

Introduction by Clayton Thomas-Muller, Idle No More

This is a time of resurgence for Indigenous people, who are reclaiming their lands and identity, while demanding recognition of their traditional knowledge and rights. The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), a community of 1,200 people living downstream from the largest industrial project on the planet, the Alberta Tar Sands, is on the frontlines of the global fight against the ravages of fossil fuel extraction. The ACFN’s resistance is a prime example oFf Indigenous resurgence in Canada, revealing how Indigenous peoples are shaking up how we do and see things and pointing the way forward for the protection, preservation and future governance of Mother Earth.


Building Green Blocs and Justice: California’s Game-Changing Climate Leadership Model

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers Co-Founder

As one of the nation’s greatest change-makers, former State Senator Tom Hayden will describe the political evolution of California's pace-setting clean energy economy as a model for a Green Bloc of states nationally and globally attempting to survive climate change and build a 100% renewable energy future without nuclear power. This requires a movement that takes the road of justice, serves the needs of communities of color and labor, and realigns the political parties away from the funding and influence of the fossil fuel industry. 

Saturday keynotes:


The globally renowned master of nature-inspired films will show clips of his latest work.


Water by Design
Introduction by Paul Vosbeek, founder of Real NewEnergy
Henk Ovink, one of the world¹s leading experts on sustainable, resilient
coastal infrastructure, served as a Senior Advisor to the Hurricane Sandy
Rebuilding Task Force and is a leading figure in the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure
and the Environment. He will share his vision of how we must change our entire culture to put water back into the center of our hearts and minds if we are to cope effectively with climate change, water crises, biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, extreme weather events, and myriad environmental, economic, and sociopolitical crises. He will illustrate how new approaches to design and politics are at the heart of a more resilient future.


Community: Healing for the 21st Century

Introduction by Reverend Canon Sally Grover Bingham, Interfaith Power & Light

Sister Simone Campbell is a poet, social justice attorney, and one of the nation’s most influential faith-based progressive activists. She led the famous 2012 “Nuns on the Bus” tour to challenge Congressional budget proposals that radically slashed programs for the poor. She shares her vision of how we can heal our divisions and differences, create a renewed sense of community, and build a far more just, peaceful, verdant and compassionate world.


The beloved Oakland youth dance troupe rocks the house every year.


Introduction by Matthew Monahan, Namaste Foundation

Self-Organizing Community Democracy for the Internet Age 

Emerging in response to the need for a scalable way to make inclusive group decisions during the Occupy movement in 2011, Loomio, an activist-driven tech co-op, developed an open-source tool for democratic organizing now used by 80,000 people in 93 countries. Change-making communities, social movements and organizations have used it to make more than 25,000 decisions. In this digital world, Loomio is on a mission to empower communities and organizations everywhere to weave diverse perspectives into powerful collective action. 


Both/And/All: Environmentalism and Racial Justice 

Introduction by Nina Simons

Rinku Sen is one of the most dynamic and influential social, racial and gender justice activists of our time, among the nation’s most effective voices for inclusion and human rights as well as a cutting-edge journalist, author and researcher. She will share her vision of how our era demands of us that we simultaneously face and address our completely intertwined ecological and social justice crises, but that we must learn how to do it without losing our minds, our friends…or our fights. 


Project Drawdown

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel

One of the most important thought leaders, activists and entrepreneurs of our era will illuminate the groundbreaking Project Drawdown: the first systematic attempt to do the math on the most effective solutions and technologies that already exist, and the impact they would have if they scaled in a rigorous manner over the next 30 years. This coalition of NGOs, academics, scholars, scientists, businesses and government agencies has come together to measure the impact of 100 substantive solutions to mitigating carbon emissions to determine if, when and how we can achieve a year-to-year drawdown in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. The news is good.

Sunday Keynotes:


Restorative Justice's Promise: Helping Us Re-Invent What it Means to be Human

Drawing on her lifetime of social justice activism, Fania Davis depicts the essence of Restorative Justice. It’s an emerging approach that seeks to move us from an ethic of separation, domination, and extreme individualism to one of collaboration, partnership, and interrelatedness. Rooted in Indigenous views of justice and healing, this rapidly expanding global movement invites us to make a radical shift from either-or, right-wrong, and us-versus-them ways of thinking. It seeks to midwife an evolutionary shift beyond domination, discord, and devastation, toward healing, wholeness, and holiness with one another and all creation. 


How Your Unique Genius Can Help Heal Nature and Culture 

Introduction by Nina Simons

Legendary storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropology and psychology, Michael Meade will show why we desperately need to awaken the genius within each of us - not only to achieve personal fulfillment, but to have any hope of addressing our global crises, restore the natural world, and heal our culture. Accompanied by John Densmore, legendary drummer of The Doors, he will weave storytelling, performance, mythology and street savvy.


Re-imagining the Environmentalist

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel 

Adrianna Quintero, a Senior Attorney at the NRDC and former Director of its Latino Outreach program, says that if we want to have any chance of succeeding in securing a healthy future and a livable planet, it’s time to re-Imagine the environmentalist. All of us have a connection to nature, and we need to embrace a new vision that reflects the realities of our time and the growing diversity in our country. As the U.S. moves toward being a minority majority nation and the Latino population asserts its very high commitment to environmental concerns, more and more of us need to feel welcomed and a part of the movement—even if we’ve never been on a hike.


Rethinking Our Relationship to the Biosphere: A Utopian Vision of A New Economic Paradigm

Introduction by J.P. Harpignies, Bioneers Associate Producer

The coming century requires that we rethink and restructure our relationship with our planet to avoid endangering the integrity of the biosphere and risking the end of human civilization. This means reforming our economic system, which uses a market and trade system that systemically under-prices and degrades both people and the natural world. How can we change that, and what would it look like if we did? One of the great visionary science fiction writers of our era will draw from his decades of work and thinking on this question to sketch a utopian but deeply informed and cogent scenario of a new economy for the coming decades.


2015 Local Presenters:

View Presenter Bios HERE

Summary List:

Abrams, Kris -- Cedar Tree Healing Arts

Allan, Christ -- Picher Allan Associates LLC

Andrews, Kevin-- C3 Boulder: Climate Culture Collaborative

Angelo, Blake-- City of Denver

Asher, Daniel-- Edible Beats

Begay, Jade-- Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship

Bliss, Roshan -- Woodbine Ecology Center

Brashear, Sierra-- Restorative Leadership Institute

Brownlee, Michael-- Making Local Food Work; Local Food Shift

Calderon, Lisa-- Community Re-Entry Project

Canty, Jeanine M.-- Naropa University

Chanate, Robert-- Woodbine Ecology Center

Christopher, David-- New Story Press

Cooper, Chef Ann-- Making Local Food Work

Coppom, Brian-- Boulder County Farmer’s Market; Local Food Shift Magazine

Dansky, Hana-- Boulder Food Rescue

Dillon, Teri-- Picher Allan Associates LLC

Dominic Fraser-- CU Boulder Biomimicry Club

Dula, Jimmy-- Colorado Soil Systems

Dunavan IV, Beau-- Regenerative Revolutions; ReDesign Fort Collins

Eden, Robin-- Earth Guardians

Eidlin, Richard-- Business as a Force for Good

Ellis, Avery-- Colorado Greywater

Ellms, Sherry-- Naropa University

Fleishman, Mara-- Chef Ann Foundation

Gabrieloff-Parish, Michelle-- University of Colorado, Boulder

Gabrieloff-Parish, Ramon-- Naropa University

Gerhardt, Jason-- Real Earth Design; Permaculture Institute; Naropa University

Gordom, Rose-- Sustainable Revolution Longmont

Grant, Beverly-- Mo’ Betta Mo’ Green

Griswold, Belinda-- The Work that Reconnects

Guttridge, Mark--Making Local Food Work; Local Food Shift

Hanebuth, Casey-- The Growing Project

Hansen, Elena-- CU Boulder Biomimicry Club

Harmann, Melanie Sopa-- Naropa University

Harvey, Nelson-- Independent Journalist

Hildebrandt, Lise-- Sustainable Revolution Longmont

Hill, Latané--  Natural Transitions, “A Resource for Green and Holistic Approaches to End of Life”

Jabusch, Garvin-- Green Alpha Advisors, LLC

Katich, Helen-- Boulder Food Rescue

Kemp, Jennifer-- Making Local Food Work; Local Food Shift

Kersgaard, Elliot-- CU Boulder Biomimicry Club

King, Willow-- Making Local Food Work; Local Food Shift

Krueger, Kendra-- Vesica Pi Labs LLC

Leadon, Neambe-- Museum of Natural History

LeFrancois-Hansen, Zoe--University of Colorado, Boulder

Lewis, Allan-- Natural Grocers

Lovins, Hunter-- Natural Capitalism Solutions & Principium Investments

Mars, Brigitte-- Naropa University

Martinez, Xiuhtezcatl-- Earth Guardians

McGoey, Kathleen-- Longmont Community Partnership

Meyer, Nanna L.-- University of Colorado

Michaels, Melissa-- Surfing The Creative® International

Miguel, Braeden-- CU Boulder Biomimicry Club

Molina, Adrian-- Molina Speaks

Moody, Harry “Rick”-- Gray Is Green: National Senior Conservation Corp

Moore, LeRoy-- Rocky Flat Nuclear Guardianship

Neitzel, Erin-- Sustainable Revolutions Longmont

Ogle, Martin-- Entrepreneurial Earth LLC

Parker, Anne Z.-- Naropa University

Parkin, Micah-- 350 Colorado

Pinto, David-- FoCo Cafe, Growing Project

Plass, Tim-- Making Local Food Work; Local Food Shift

Prant, Sue-- Community Cycles

Raderstorf, Jolleen-- C3 Boulder: Climate Culture Collaborative

Ranf, Lacey-- Naropa University

Reilly-McNellan, Mary-- Natural Transitions, “A Resource for Green and Holistic Approaches to End of Life”

Reynolds, Jay-- 180 Street Outreach Team

Roland, Gary-- RiseUp

Roske-Martinez, Itzcuauhtli-- Earth Guardians

Ruffin, Emma-- C3 Boulder: Climate Culture Collaborative

Scheuth, Steve-- First Affirmative Financial Network

Short, Kayann-- Naropa University

Shimabuku, Morgan-- Fossil Free CU, Responsible Endowment Fund

Stavropoulos, Pavlos-- Woodbine Ecology Center

Steffen, Seana-- Restorative Leadership Institute

Street, Liana-- Sustainable Revolutions Longmont

Thayer, Ted-- CU Boulder Biomimicry

Wagner, John-- Picher Allan Associates LLC

Waldman, Maren-- Maren Waldman’s Project Garden

Walworth, Candace-- Naropa University

Way, Art-- Colorado Drug Policy Alliance

White-Judson, Ashley-- Pikes Peak Urban Garden

Williams, Kim-- Venetucci Farms

Wilson, Bud-- Deep Nature Journeys

Wird, Mike-- Youth on Record

Wyatt, Turner-- Boulder Food Rescue

Zucco, Diana-- Natural Transitions, “A Resource for Green and Holistic Approaches to End of Life”