National and Local Presenters

National Plenaries

As a Beaming Bioneers site, the Front Range Bioneers network event broadcasts the presentations of the national 2013 Bioneers event.  The national presenters are not physically at the Boulder, Colorado event. 

2013 National Presenters

Janine Benyus - The Biomimicry Network Effect: What Will We Solve Together?

Janine Benyus, a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including the seminal Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, co-founded the Biomimicry Guild, The Biomimicry Institute, and, most recently the social enterprise Biomimicry3.8, the world’s leader in biomimicry innovation consulting, training for professionals, and curricula development for educators. Janine’s many prestigious awards include a Heinz Award, a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet and a UNEP Champion of the Earth.

Jason McLennan - Living Buildings and a Regenerative World

Jason F. McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute, which focuses on the transformation to a socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative world, is the author of 4 books, including the classic The Philosophy of Sustainable Design, and the founder of the Living Building Challenge, the world's most progressive green building certification program. McLennan won the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Prize in 2012.

Joanna Macy - Choosing Life

Joanna Macy, a renowned Buddhist teacher, eco-philosopher, systems theorist, scholar, and longtime peace, justice and ecology activist, is the root teacher of the Work That Reconnects, a theoretical framework and workshop methodology for personal and social change. Joanna’s many seminal books include: Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age; Thinking Like a Mountain; World as Lover, World as Self; and Pass It On: Five Stories That Can Change the World.

Jay Harman - The Nature of Innovation

As a boy in Australia, Jay Harman noticed that nature’s favorite form is the spiral. From the shape of galaxies and hurricanes to how blood flows through your veins to how water goes down a drain, this ancient sacred form – the Golden Mean – has preoccupied a lineage from indigenous peoples to Plato, Pythagoras, Descartes and Da Vinci. Harman had the genius to apply nature’s favorite form to industrial design. Through starting numerous biomimicry firms and research conducted for his acclaimed new book, The Shark’s Paintbrush: Biomimicry and How Nature Is Inspiring Innovation, he has illustrated key ways that biomimetic business differs from business as usual. He’ll share inspiring examples of companies and governments that are adopting biomimicry, including radical approaches to mitigating the harms of fracking and climate change. He will illustrate ways we can all be biomimics in our homes and businesses. Modern biomimicry does more than gratify human industrial ambition; it teaches us how to live in harmony with nature and opens breakthrough opportunities for a new business model of partnership with nature. A naturalist, entrepreneur, and inventor, Harman is founder and CEO of PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries, dedicated to producing biomimicry-based equipment that is vastly more efficient than current norms and is profitable for both shareholders and the planet. 

Nalini Nadkarni - Between Earth and Sky: Trees as Silent Teachers

Nalini M. Nadkarni, aka “the Queen of the Forest Canopy,” world-renowned for her studies of rainforests and treetop organisms, is Professor of Biology and Director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Utah and a passionate communicator about nature and science to people in all walks of life, from urban youth to artists to legislators to incarcerated men and women. 

David McConville - Cosmomimicry: Why the Universe Matters

David McConville is a media artist who designs visualization tools for seeing the world in new ways. He is President of the board of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which facilitates convergences across design, art, science, and technology to identify and cultivate whole systems strategies for addressing complex global challenges.

Tom B.K. Goldtooth - Stopping the Privatization of Nature and Commodification of Mother Earth

Tom B.K. Goldtooth Executive Director of the Bemidji, Minnesota-headquartered Indigenous Environmental Network, a social change activist within the Native American community for over 30 years, has become an internationally renowned environmental and economic justice leader, working with many organizations around the world. Tom co-produced the award-winning documentary, Drumbeat For Mother Earth, which addresses the affects of bio-accumulative chemicals on indigenous people. (

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins - Motherhood and Leadership

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is the CEO of Green For All, which under her leadership has become one of the country's leading advocacy groups for a clean-energy economy, winning policy victories and developing innovative pilot projects at the federal, state, and local levels while redefining the face of environmentalism through youth engagement and partnerships with popular artists.

Darren Doherty - Regrarianism: Re-booting Agriculture for the Next 10,000 Years

Darren Doherty, a 5th generation Australian farmer and Permaculture pioneer who has worked in over 40 countries over 20 years as a farm planning consultant and educator, originated the Keyline Design Course and the RegenAG concept. Darren has designed thousands of projects, focusing on the practical regeneration of agricultural landscapes, soils, communities, and families.

Danny Glover - Reimagining Citizenship, Democracy and Nature

Danny Glover, a commanding presence on screen and stage for over 25 years whose credits range from such blockbusters as the Lethal Weapon franchise to countless independent features, is also a multiple award-winning international film producer who co-founded Louverture Films. Glover is also a tireless, award-winning activist and philanthropist, focused on economic justice and access to health care and education in the U.S. and Africa, including as a UNICEF Ambassador.

Ilarion Merculieff - The Womb at the Center of the Universe

Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff (Aleut) has over 35 years' experience serving his people and other indigenous peoples internationally. The first Native commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development, he chaired the Indigenous Knowledge sessions of the Global Summit of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change, and co-founded several organizations including the Indigenous Peoples' Council for Marine Mammals. He has received many prestigious awards for his activism and co-authored Aleut Wisdom: Stories of an Aleut.

Billy Parish - 100% Clean Energy For and By The People

Billy Parish is founder and President of Mosaic, a marketplace for clean energy investing. In 2002 he dropped out of Yale to found the Energy Action Coalition and grew it into the world's largest youth clean energy organization. He is the author of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World.

Dekila Chungyalpa - Faiths for Conservation: The Hope of a New Environmental Movement

Dekila Chungyalpa is Director of the Sacred Earth Program at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which partners with faith leaders and institutions to protect biodiversity, natural resources and environmental services around the world. Dekila previously led WWF's efforts in the Mekong region on hydropower and climate change and on community-based conservation in the Eastern Himalayas.

2013 Local Presenters

We are no longer accepting presentation proposals for 2013.  Interested in presenting at the Colorado Bioneers in 2014? Apply here

Local Presenter Bios

Local Presenters Summary Listing:

Updated 10/9/13

Buck Adams, Veterans to Farms

Dave Asbury, Full Circle Farms

Madeline Bachner, The Cottonwood Institute

Doug Beall, Simple Shelter

Aidan Boyer, Growhaus

Michael Brownlee, Local Food Shift Group

Dr. Jeanine M. Canty, Naropa University

Ford Church, The Cottonwood Institute

Chef Ann Cooper, Food Family Farming Foundation

Jimmy Dula, Colorado Soil Systems

Becky Elder, Blue Planet Earthscapes

Sherry Ellms, Naropa University

Julia Erlbaum, Real Food Colorado

Amanda Fiorino, Empower Shakti International

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Woodbine Ecology Center

Jim Gibson, Woodbine Ecology Center

Cecelia Gilboy, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Beverly Grant, Mo’ Betta Green Marketplace

Kelly Grebe, Awe-Struck Outdoors

Lynette Marie Hanthorn, Local Food Shift Group

Christopher Hormel, Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship Project

Kyle Huelsman, Boulder Food Rescue

Victoria Kindred Keziah, Net Generative LLC

Gurmukh Klema, Eternal Sun Yoga

Catherine Long, Long’s Iris Gardens

Brigitte Mars, American Herbalist Guild

Amanda Lopez Miller, Center for Spirituality at Work

Judith Mohling, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

LeRoy Moore, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Ben Mustin, MM Local

Gary Nabhan, University of Arizona Southwest Center

Martin Ogle, Entrepreneurial Earth LLC

Jerome Osentowski, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Ramon Parish, Naropa University

Anne Parker, Naropa University

Denise Perreault, Arts Parts

Lauren Richardson, Growing Gardens

Krista Roberts, Slow Food Denver

Ina Sahaja, HUB, Empower Shakti International

Ian Sanderson, Mohawk

Kelly Simmons, Front Range Permaculture Teachers’ Guild and CU Environmental Center

Erin Smith, Center for Integrative Botanical Studies

Seanne Lowe Steffen, Restorative Leadership Institute

Stephanie Syson, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Dr. Vie Thorgren, Center for Spirituality at Work

Alex Todorovic-Jones, CU Assembly for Sustainability and Equity

Jared Urcheck, Boulder High Country Mushrooms

Ietef Hotep Vita aka DJ Cavem Motivation, Going Green, Living Bling

Neambe Leadon Vita, Going Green, Living Bling

Taber Ward, Mountain Flower Urban Goat Dairy

Candace Walworth, Naropa University

Mikey Wird, Denver Earthship and YouthOnRecord

Turner Wyatt, CU Assembly for Sustainability and Equity

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