Mission Statement

Established in 1970, the student-powered Environmental Center serves as a catalyst and facilitator for a culture of sustainability at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Striving for environmental restoration, social justice and economic vitality, the Environmental Center's purpose is to:

  • Innovate.  The EC fosters new ideas for implementing sustainability.
  • Educate.  The EC informs the campus and community.
  • Empower.  The EC enables sustainability leadership.
  • Collaborate.  The EC cultivates sustainability programs in coordination with campus and community partners.
  • Leverage.  The EC adds significant financial resources and value. 

The Center provides direct services to the University community, including the recycling program, the student bus pass and bicycle programs, and energy conservation and renewable energy programs.  The Center engages in the community with the environmental justice and earth education programs, and by sponsoring educational events.