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CU Student Environmental Groups

  • CU Biodiesel — CU Biodiesel is a non-profit student organization dedicated to the development and implementation of Biodiesel fuel at the University of Colorado and the Boulder community.  Office: UMC room 345, 303.492.5449.
  • CU Going Local - Through our most fundamental necessity -the food we eat- CU Going Local strives to combat global environmental problems through community based initiatives. A committed group of university and community members brought toghether by a common desire to create a more sustainble world through relocalizing the campus community. Contact:
  • Environmental Studies Club - Students' voices are needed to plan the future of the Environmental Studies Program and help ensure that one of the largest and fastest growing majors receives its share of funding and faculty. Contact the Environmental Studies (ENVS) Department at 303.492.8308, or
  • Biology Club- Biology Club is an organization that brings together students and faculty members who share a passion for the study of biology. Through many activities, lectures, social events, presentations, and outings students and professors have an amazing opportunity to interact much more intimately than in a classroom setting. If you are newly interested in biology or a long-term focused expert, please come check us out! There are always things to learn in the study of biology. Contact: Dr. Alex Cruz -
  • Environmental Law Society - ELS organizes service outreach activities, fundraising events, and outdoor adventures each semester, giving law students opportunities to immerse themselves in the larger natural resources law community that Colorado has to offer. Contact: 303.492.8073
  • P.A.W. (Partnership for Animal Welfare) CU PAW is an organization dedicated to the welfare of all animals. Some main focuses include factory farming, vegetarianism/veganism, vivisection, animals in entertainment, fur, & wild life issues. Office: UMC room 120. Contact:
  • CU Wild
  • Student Environmental Action Coalition - Work to create local and global progressive social change through action and education. Contact 303.735.SEAC, UMC 348.


CU Environmental Departments

  • CUSG - CU Student Government
  • CU Environmental Engineering - view the homepage for CU-Boulder's Environmental Engineering degree program.
  • Communications for a Sustainable Future
  • Center for Environmental Journalism
  • Center for Combustion and Environmental Research - an interdisciplinary group established to study fundamental problems relating to the field of combustion and environmental protection.
  • Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) - facilitates and accomplishes interdisciplinary studies in high-altitude and high-latitude regions of the world.
  • Environmental Studies - a program, rather than a department, and utilizes courses from many departments, as well as offering ENVS courses.
  • Environmental Residential Academic Program (E-RAP) - a program that provides a community for freshmen and sophomores interested in the environment and natural sciences, E-RAP is the official residential program for the Environmental Studies major.
  • Facilities Management - Generates, distributes, and maintains power and energy use at CU.


CU Environmental Resources

  • Environmental Resources - a great database/ research aid put together by the CU Library.
  • CIRES - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. A national resource for multidisciplinary research and education in the environmental sciences.
  • Natural Resources Law Center


Environmental Groups at Other Schools


Jobs/Internships in the Environment


Colorado Useful Links


Naional Useful Links

  • Student Pugwash USA - Student Pugwash USA - promotes socially responsible application of science and technology, guided by the principals that students first must understand the issues at stake, become trained in social activism, and contemplate their ethical and moral responsibility to themselves and society.
  • Free The Planet - Student - led campaigns to hold polluters and politicians accountable and ensure protection of our planet.
  • Campus Ecology - a project by the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Center For Environmental Citizenship - networking your leaders to protect the environment.
  • The Environmental Magazine - chock full of everything the budding environmentalist needs to know, from "rainforests to recycling" and from the "personal to the political."
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Center for a New American Dream - A non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans change the way they consume to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice.
  • Global Response - An environmental urgent action network, modeled after Amnesty International, which allows citizens to write letters to stop urgent environmental threats across the globe.
  • - The publication, "Looking for Oregon's Future: What is Sustainability?" is now online at The Website, from the Oregon State University Extension Service, features 33 articles about sustainability, an interactive quiz to test your sustainability knowledge and links to other sustainability sites.
  • Second Nature - Since 1993, Second Nature has been dedicated to accelerating a process of transformation in higher education.
  • Campus sustainability links from the Canadian Sierra Youth Coalition.
  • Information from the US EPA on campus sustainability.
  • Brower Youth Awards - Each year the Earth Island Institute honors 6 outstanding young environmental activists. View past recipients and obtain nomination information.
  • Global Volunteer Network - The Global Volunteer Network places volunteers in community projects in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and Uganda. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational, environmental and community aid programs.
  • SRoeCo Solar - learn more about solar panels and its benefits.

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