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Above, Green Teams Coordinators show students living on the hill how to properly recycle.

Students use CU as a living laboratory, to examine policy issues on campus and in the broader community. Environmental Center students lead projects, where they learn to analyze sustainability challenges, propose solutions, and work on implementing these solutions. Many of these student projects have led to operational and social change at CU Boulder.  Because of this success, our campus is recgonized for being a strong influence for all of higher education sustainability operations and programs.

"Substantive community involvement builds strategic and interpersonal skills, hones core values and builds organizational and communication capabilities — all of which are transferable to and highly valued in the workplace." Hewlett, Luce, West Harvard Business Review 2005.


How To Get Involved

If you want to learn about and participate in campus sustainability, get great experience to prepare you for a job after you graduate, get intership credit, or just meet other motivated students, sign up below through one of the forms.  You will be automatically signed up for the Volunteer Newsletter which is published each Tuesday morning.  This will include all Environmental Center needs, campus groups, and community opportunities.  You can also get in touch with SarahDawnHaynes at or by calling her at 303.492.7360.  If you want to speak with SarahDawn stop by the Ecenter, UMC 355, to introduce yourself Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm.


Volunteer, Internship, and Independent Study

CU Student Government (CUSG) Environmental Board



    Finding an Internship or Career in Sustainability
    If you are a CU-Boulder student or alum seeking work in sustainability, we send all positions that come our way to Career Services. They post them on an online jobs board called CSO that you can access for free!

    They have a special page for you to Go Green, be sure to check out their suggested search engines, websites, and resources for jobs in sustainabilty. 

    Career Services can also assist you with major and career exploration, resume writing and cover letters, events, jobs &internships,  graduate school preparation and much more.  Please see the Career Services website for details or create an account in CSO to seek positions: