Food and Environmental Justice Week

Food and Environmental Justice Week- April 14-19, 2014

Food and Environmental Justice Week features a series of films, speakers, a food drive and a Sustainable Foods Fair to connect the CU community with food and environmental justice initiatives at the local, national and international levels. Come and participate in the food drive, fair and events to learn how to get more involved in environmental justice issues on and around campus.

The mission of Food and Environmental Justice Week is to promote education and involvement of the disproportionate distribution of environmental burdens and environmental benefits based on race, socio-economic status, gender and ethnicity. In keeping with the principles of environmental justice, the food justice movement aims to change the contemporary food system so the benefits and risks of where, what and how food is grown, produced, distributed, eaten and disposed of are shared fairly. The goal is a food system in which all activities, from farm to table, are equitable, nutritious, educational, culturally appropriate and community-driven.

Food and Environmental Justice Week is a collaborative effort between the CU Boulder's Volunteer Resource Center and the Environmental Center with participants and guests from across Boulder county and local organizations. Join us!

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Food and Environmental Justice WeekEvents:

Join us for a screening of this powerful documentary about food stamps and health.

Visit some of the fabulous organizations in our area working on food justice and food security during our sustainable food fair! Learn about their inspiring work and internship and volunteer opportunities. Then check out the Buffallo Can Challenge. Bring cans of food for Boulder county's food insecure families and watch as teams compete to make life-size sculptures and works of art out of the cans. To register or learn more click here.

Learn about what local organizations do to promote environmental justice in the Boulder community and what the term means to them and the community members they work with.

Get involved with a local community improvement project and work alongside volunteers and community members. Click here to register or for more info.