2014 Campus Sustainability Awards Winners

April 15, 2014

Each year, the University of Colorado recognizes outstanding individuals and departments who demonstrate a sincere commitment to reducing the burden that CU-Boulder places on the environment with the Campus Sustainability Awards.  

Outstanding efforts make CU's successful and challenging approaches to attaining sustainability possible, and awardees exemplify CU's continuing efforts to become a sustainable institution. They set the example for environmental stewardship and responsibility. 

Some of the awardees have made groundbreaking efforts that will change the overall way CU operates, and others make an impact on the community and campus environment with their everyday actions.  All in all, the campus community is contributing toward a sustainable future, thanks to the dedication and collaboration of its members.    

The campus sustainability awards program was established in 1997 to recognize outstanding individuals and departments demonstrating strong commitments to reducing CU-Boulder's impact on the environment. 

Presenting the 2014 Campus Sustainability Awardees

*  Max Boykoff, Green Faculty

*  Mark Lapham, Individual Achievement

*  Megan McGrath, Individual Achievement

*  OIT Academic Technology Services, Departmental Achievement

*  Miranda Redmond, Student Leadership

*  Matt Ribarich, Student Leadership

*  Virginia Schultz, Individual Achievement

*  Nii Armah Sowah, Civic Achievement

Special recognition certificates are awarded to:

*  Center for Community Garden, Partnership for Sustainability

*  Closed Loop Film Plastics Program, Partnership for Sustainability

*  Population Conversation Program, Civic Achievement

*  Jacqueline Richardson, Individual Achievement

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