Campus Sustainability Awardees

July 22, 2013

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 Previous Campus Sustainability Awardees, 1997-2010

Alternative Transportation
2001 Joe Roy, Parking and Transit Services
1999 "Facilitating Transportation" Master Plan Task Force
1998 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Parking Services
1997 Bill Herbstreit, Financial and Business Svcs.
University of Colorado Student Union

Civic Achievement

2010   Geoffrey Rubinstein

Climate Leadership


Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson

Departmental Achievement



Office of Orientation

Housing and Dining Services Facilities Services for Energy and Water Conservation


Housing and Dining Services

2005 Facilities Management Turf Management Team (Alan Nelson, Ed von Bleichert, Ryan Heiland, Zach Cameron)
2001 Transportation Services
Energy Conservation
2004 Energy Pledge Card Campaign
Green Building
2003 Solar Decathalon Team
2002 UMC
Green Faculty
2008    Jim White

2008    John Zhai, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural


2007 Mike Hannigan, College of Engineering
2005 Lisa Barlow
Tom Dean
2002 Bernard Amadei, the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Judith Curry of the Department, Aerospace Engineering
1999 Adrienne Anderson, ENVS
1998 Cathy Comstock, Farrand Academic Program
Marty Walter, Mathematics Department
1997 Paul Wehr, Sociology
Hazardous Waste Reduction
2003 EH&S Hazardous Materials/ Hazardous Waste Unit
2001 Scott Harvey, Facilities Management
2000 Mary Ann Dornfeld, Facilities Management Grounds
Department of Housing Food Services
1998 General Chemistry Lab Coordinators: Elaine Butler, Bob Meyers, Rob Palmer, and Merl Schachet
1997 Patty Feist, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Honorable Mention

2010   Elyse Cadogan and Human Resources, Special Recognition for Green Office Innovation

2010   Curt Huetson for Individual Achievement

2010   Allison Hart for Individual Achievement

2010   Deanna Lund for Individual Achievement

2009   Distribution Center, Departmental Achievement

2009   Kelly McGregor, Energy Conservation

2008   Larry Brand and Joe Bogetich, Outstanding Alumni

2008   Sarah Haynes, Student Achievement

2008   Bursar’s Office, Payroll and Benefit Services, Facilities Management,

Housing, Admissions, Registrar’s Office, Wardenburg

for Paper Waste Reduction


Amy Harris, Student Achievement
2007 Sigma Pi Fraternity, Recycling

ROTC Department and Jon Krueger, Athletics (recycling)

Steven Engel, Senior Instructor, Leeds School of Business (green faculty)
Michael Hughes, Assistant Professor, College of Architecture and Planning (green faculty)
2005 Recycle-Mania campaign team (Susan Davis, Nama Illo, Marcie Cole, Molly Chappell, Rachel Cragg, Amy Kuo, Rebecca Wallach, Sarah Engel, Corey Reynolds, Jack DeBell plus another 6-10 volunteers. Plus the helpful program partners: Amin Gheysar in housing and Ed von Bleichert, Jessica Rossi and the FM collection crews.)
University of Colorado LEEDS School of Business

Moe Tabrizi, Facilities Management


Professor John Taylor

Individual Achievement

2010   Kristin Epley

2009   Lisa Lampe, Energy Conservation

2008   Jeff Darling, Green Purchasing

2008   Brian Zublin, Recycling
2007 Amin Gheysar, Department of Housing and Dining Servies, for Waste Reduction and Recycling

Lauren Heising

2004 Sue Wallace, Department of Housing
Ed von Bleichert, Facilities Management
2003 Robin Newsome-Suitts
2002 John Bruning, Facilities Management
Sam Sandoe, University Communications
Dave Smith, the Department of Computer Science
2001 Ginger Cassady, Student
1999 Kathy Noonan, ENVS Student
1998 Maureen Van Camp, Media Library
Shana Morrow Trombley, Former Student Administrator to Administration
1997 Ana Johnson, Parking Services
Al Bartlett, Physics
Carly Shurtleff, UCSU

Inter-disciplinary Leadership

2010   Mark McCaffrey

Legacy Achievement



Paul Tabolt

Will Toor

Lifetime Achievement
2004 Al Bartlett, Department of Physics
Outstanding Alumni
2008   Ethan Van Duzer
2007 Paul Weissmann, State Representative
2003 Tom Cowing
2003 Carly Weir
2001 Ed von Bleichert, Environmental Operations Manager, Facilities Management
2000 Pete Grogan, Co-Founder of EcoCycle and Director of Recycling for Weyerhauser Corporation
1999 Brian Mohr, Southwest Regional Office of the Sierra Club
1998 Steve Kelton, Western Disposal
1997 Jan Hardin, State of Georgia Purchasing Div.
Eric Kessler, aide to Secretary of Interior
Marianne Moulton, Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project

Partnerships for Sustainability

2010   Kyle Baker and John McKenzie

2010   Baker Hall

Recycled Products Purchasing

2004 Colorado Daily
2003 Wilderness Study Group
1998 Larry Finch, Housing Department
1997 Newell Fogelberg, Printing and Copying Svc.
Buying and Contracting
2001 Department of Housing
2000 Facilities Management Custodial Division
1999 Mailing Services Department
Suzie Chambers, Solid Waste Advisory Board
Emil Bonnes, Housing Department
Garian Vigil, student employee in the Office of the President
1998 Jimmie Baker, UMC
Athletic Department
1997 Lisa Adair, Facilities Management
Norlin Library Periodicals Room
Resource Conservation
2001 University of Colorado Student Body
2000 UCSU Recreation Center
1998 Pieter vander Mersch, Facilities Management
UCSU Recreation Center
1997 Tom Cowing, Facilities Management
Facilities Management, Co-Gen plant
Social Equity and Environmental Justice

2008   Computers for Youth Project

Special Recognition
2006 University of Colorado Solar Decathalon Team
Student Achievement







Dan Omasta

John Hallett

Scot Woolley

Bryant Mason

Julie Hayes, Environmental Justice and Social Equity

Carrie Gibadlo, Environmentally-Responsible Products

2004 Eugene Pearson, President of ASSG, 2nd Vice President of Legislative Council
Sustainability Leadership

2009      Ralphie's Green Stampede: Athletics Department, Facilities

Management, Centerplate, White Wave and Environmental Center


Moe Tabrizi, Facilities Management

Waste Reduction
2000 Property Services
1998 Theresa Rogers, UCSU
1997 Alan Nelson, Fac Man Grounds Crew
Golden Panda Restaurant, UMC
Computing and Networking Services
Water Conservation
2006 Robert Burke, Pipe Trades Shop, Maintenance and Operations Division, Facilities Management
1997 John Madsen, Facilities Management
Facilities Management Irrigation Crew

Campus Sustainability Awards