Miranda D. Redmond


My research has focused on understanding ecosystems to develop better management practices. Past projects include examining the consequences of phenotypic variation within populations, the effects of climate change on species distributions, the outcomes of species interactions within forest communities, and the role of disease in amphibian communities.

Currently, I am in a PhD program at CU Boulder researching the influence of climate and management on vegetation in pinyon-juniper woodlands.

For more information on my credentials, see my CV.


Contact Information:

Aridlands Ecology Lab

Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

334 UCB

University of Colorado

Boulder, CO 80309

Email: Miranda.Redmond@colorado.edu

About Me


Dec. 13 - Just published my data on Dryad for the first time!  http://datadryad.org/resource/doi:10.5061/dryad.1s625

Mar. 16 -The Teaching Controversial Topics Workshop, which was focused on teaching climate change and evolution, happened today! We had about 55 participants total, primarily middle school and high school science teachers. Check out our website to see all of the presentations and also for a list of some great resources.

Dec. 7 - Our (i.e. CU Green Labs) first computer E efficiency meeting was a great success! This meeting was geared towards IT professionals across campus to encourage reductions in E consumption. The meeting started off with a presentation from Bill Franz, our EBIO department IT professional, on ways the EBIO department has reduced their computer E efficiency (reductions which should save ~ $4,000 a year). Soon after, the meeting turned into a round-table discussion of future ideas and potential barriers.

Nov. 20 - Just got back from leading a group of middle school students on a 4-day trip to Canyonlands National Park, UT. Check out my outreach page for some photos!

Oct. 12 - In just a few months California will be starting a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program by charging all industries for the amount of GHG they emit. Check out the NY times article on it and read about it on CA’s website.