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Julie Byle is the president who is especially interested in fish behavior and marine biology.  She currently works in Dr. Cruz's fish lab as a graduate student.  She's excited to help students find opportunities and learn through the Biology club!

Makenzie Mannon is the EBIO club Treasurer. She is very interested in animal behavior and communications. She currently works in Dr. Cruz’s lab, studying a species of fish endemic to Lake Malawi in the African Rift Valley.

Greer Harris is the EBIO club Secretary. She currently works in Dr. Cruz’s lab studying fish behavior, as well as working at a vet clinic in Broomfield. She loves the natural world and tries to do everything in her power to mitigate any negative impacts on it. Her motto is and always has been, be the change you want to see.

Taylor Stratton is the Public Outreach for the Biology club. Taylor is triple majoring at CU and started volunteering with a Pika study last summer. She will be going abroad to Africa in spring for an independent study project, and is to return to Boulder for the summer to work further on Pika.

Summer Sugg is the EBIO club Historian. She is an EBIO major with a main interest in plant and soil ecology. She has volunteered in gardens, worked at a heirloom vegetable and native wild flower seed company BBB seeds, and has done research in the past with two Biology professors here at CU on native Bombus species and the flowers they pollinate. She hopes to gain a research position soon on campus with a focus on plants.

David Riott is the Webmaster, and a senior who is interested in conservation biology and wildlife/disease ecology.  David is currently studying effects of climate change on the parasitism of frogs in Dr. Johnson’s lab.

Dr. Alex Cruz is a professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado.  He was awarded the Hazel Barnes Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research in 2006.  His research includes the behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary studies of birds and fishes.

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