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What does the Club Include?

1.  A speaker series by professionals in the biological and environmental sciences

2.  Clearing house of opportunities for undergraduate to get involved in research opportunities, internships, honors, and community service

3.  Providing a student voice in the department

4.  Visiting natural areas in Colorado

5.  Interactions with faculty and professional outside a classroom setting.

6.  Promoting awareness of graduate studies in biology and career opportunities

7.  Social events and an environmental/nature film series

  1. 8. Increasing environmental awareness on campus

How can I join?                                                                                                                                          Just attend to any of our events or contact any of our Biology Club staff.  The Biology Club is a non-exclusive organization, so bring your friends too! 

What does Biology Club Do?                                                                                                                  The club is academic as well as social.  We meet to hear lectures, visit with biologists and ecologists in the field, take backstage tours of the aquarium, wildlife refuges, the zoo and the museum of nature and science.  We also facilitate opportunities for undergraduate research.  In addition to our scholastic interests, we also like to have fun while creating a dynamic community of biologists.  If you are interested in participating, please check out the link for incoming events.

Through many activities, lectures, social events, presentations, and outings, students and professors have an amazing opportunity to interact much more intimately than in a classroom setting.


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