American Oriental Society

The Early China Seminar at Columbia University

Society for the Study of Early China

European Association for the Study of Chinese Manuscripts

Enno Giele's Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts

Wuhan daxue jianbo yanjiu zhongxin 武漢大學簡帛研究中心 (Wuhan University Centre for the Study of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts)

Fudan daxue chutu wenxian yu guwenzi yanjiu zhongxin 復旦大學出土文獻與古文字研究中心 (Fudan University Center for Reserch on Chinese Ecavated Classics and Paleography)

Imre Galambos's website on Chinese manuscripts
A downloadable version of Imre's book Orthography of Early Chinese Writing: Evidence from Newly Excavated Manuscripts is posted at

Baxter-Sagart Old Chinese reconstruction

Sergey Zinin's Ctexts Database of Chinese Classics

Vocabulaire Codicologique