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The Role of SOCT on Campus

The SOC team receives information from concerned parties regarding students who may be exhibiting worrisome, disturbing, or disruptive behaviors. The Student of Concern Case Manager may gather additional information from the concerned party, faculty members, family and the student to determine the next course of action.  This information is then presented to the SOC team and reviewed for further recommendations. Students at risk of harming themselves or others will be connected with support services and may receive additional case management and follow up. In addition to receiving and processing information about students of concern, the SOC team also educates the campus community. Campus education can include ways to identify students of concern, when to share information about a student of concern, and the process for reporting this information. Team members are able to offer support and consultation to those working with students exhibiting concerning behaviors while Case Managers are able to provide brief, short term, and long term follow up to students referred to the team.