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What happens after I refer a student?

Once we receive information from a concerned person we may request additional information from that individual prior to reaching out to the student. After gathering additional information a case manager will reach out to that student and invite them to meet with the case manager in Student Affairs or someone from Housing and Residence Life. During that time we may provide the student with referrals and resources and offer them additional follow up.

Some students may be exhibiting behaviors that may require further attention beyond resources and referrals, those behaviors may be discussed during an SOCT meeting and the team may make additional recommendations for the case manager when offering follow up to those students. Furthermore, some behaviors may violate the Code of Conduct, in which case the Office of Student Conduct will be notified and their process followed.

In extreme cases, students may be encouraged to withdraw from courses temporarily. It is the goal of the SOC team to act out of care and concern with prevention in mind. The primary goal is to get students connected with resources and referrals prior to them exhibiting signs of severe distress. We cannot accomplish this without your help and assistance.