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​When do I refer a student?

Students can be referred to the Division of Student Affairs when they seem to be struggling emotionally, academically, or otherwise. If you have noticed changes in a student’s behavior over time or if you notice a student appears withdrawn, sullen, upset or depressed you may wish to consider referring that student. Additionally, if a student is engaging in aggressive or inappropriate behaviors, is violating boundaries you have set, or fails to comply with your requests it is important you refer that student.

In some circumstances you may provide us with information about a student’s behaviors that are a clear violation of the Code of Conduct. When appropriate, those cases will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct (OSC). We will collaborate with the OSC when working with these students. The conduct process is another way a student can receive assistance as well as referrals and follow up.

It is important to know that you do not need to make this decision on your own, if you are concerned about when to bring a student to the attention of the team please contact the Division of Student Affairs at (303) 492-8476. Additionally, if you believe the student to be in immediate danger of harming themselves or others please dial 911 and contact campus police.