Working Papers

Creating Livable Cities for All Ages: Intergenerational Strategies and Initiatives
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Youth in Urban Development: Bringing Ideas into Action 
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"I’m About to Really Bring It!" Access Points Between Youth Activists and Adult Community Leaders
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CYE Working Paper Series

The Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) Center invites CYE faculty, associates, affiliates, and students to submit papers reflecting their work. The purposes of our Working Paper Series are to share research prior to journal publication and to stimulate debate and critical discussion. Although most papers are expected to be empirical, we will also publish “thought pieces” or position papers which raise new or provocative ideas for the field but are not reporting new research, and which may be shorter than a typical journal manuscript. Working papers also give an opportunity to authors to publish longer, more detailed material than can appear in a journal. All papers go through a review process at the CYE Center. However, full responsibility for the content of the papers remains with the author(s).

Review Criteria

Working papers are typically pre-publication manuscripts that are disseminated to make results quickly available or to stimulate debate. Their criteria for review are, therefore, similar to those guiding the review process at professional journals. However, reviewers are not expected to comment on working papers as carefully as they would for a journal review, but only assess whether the paper is suitable for publication. In addition, working papers can contain materials that are not appropriate for journal publications, including, for instance, descriptions of data sets collected by CYE researchers, documentation for programs maintained at the CYE Center, elaborations on published papers (e.g., a version of a published paper that includes more extensive analyses or tables than are available in the published version, etc.). All working papers must include a section on implications, typically based lessons learned from the work that is being reported. Papers can also be job-talk papers and/or papers accepted for presentation at professional meetings. Submissions will be assessed primarily on whether they comply with professional standards of similar materials. Please, do not submit drafts of dissertation chapters as they are written, unless they satisfy the aforementioned criteria.


Faculty, Research Associates, and Research Affiliates should submit papers to the Center Director. Submissions will be evaluated by at least one reviewer to determine whether the paper is suitable for inclusion in the CYE working paper series. Students wanting to submit a paper to the series must have a faculty sponsor who is expected to have worked with the student and reviewed the paper prior to submission to establish its suitability for the series. With a student’s permission, the faculty sponsor may submit the paper on the student's behalf or the student must indicate his/her sponsor.

Papers should be prepared according to CYE style guidelines  and emailed as either PDF or Microsoft Word files. Make sure to include the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • If applicable, name of faculty member who approved your paper