Programs & Initiatives

Growing Up Boulder

Growing Up Boulder (GUB) is Boulder’s child- and youth-friendly city initiative.   GUB is part of the Community Envagement, Design and Research program, and it offers Environmental Design students real-world opportunities for child and youth engagement in planning and design.

Green Infrastructure

CEDaR faculty take an integrated approach to green infrastructure emphasizing linked problems in management of urban heat, flooding and run-off, urban design and connectivity, public health, water quality, water supply, habitat protection, recreation and environmental education.


Environmental Design Students partner with the Lama Foundation in Questa, New Mexico to assist in the design and construction of a simple and sustainable structure for three season use.

Affordable Housing

CEDaR works in partnership with cities, non-profit groups, and private firms to evaluate policies and develop building and neighborhood designs. Our goal is to address systemic problems in delivery of affordable housing through research and creation of regional and national design models.   

Metrolab Network

The focus of the Metrolab Network initiative is on design of both digital and non-digital tools to support responsive governance and community participation. CEDaR has three Smart Cities projects underway.

Evaluation Research

CEDaR participants also conduct research on applications of community engagement methods in design problems.