Mission & Background


Children, Youth and Environments (CYE) is an international, multidisciplinary online journal that disseminates knowledge with the goal of stimulating discussion and action in support of inclusive, sustainable, and healthy environments for children and youth everywhere. 
CYE carries original peer-­reviewed research papers, reports on innovative and reflective practice, book and film reviews, and news related to children, youth and the environments where they live, learn, work, play, discover the natural world, participate in their communities, and find basic services.   


CYE appeared as a print journal from 1984-1995 as Children’s Environments Quarterly and Children’s Environments. In 2003, it was revived as an online journal, which now reaches readers in more than 160 countries. Readers and authors include researchers and practitioners in education, geography, sociology, child and youth development, child welfare, child rights advocacy, development studies, architecture, landscape design, and urban planning. CYE is endorsed by UN-­Habitat and guided by a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board.  
CYE publishes papers on a broad range of topics and approaches, including quantitative and qualitative empirical research, theoretical, methodological and historical investigations, critical literature reviews, design analyses, postoccupancy evaluations, policy studies, and program assessments. We welcome papers from different disciplines, diverse viewpoints, and varied cultures and regions of the world. We take a special interest in papers that focus on children and youth in environments of disadvantage and those with special needs, as well as papers that recognize the capacity of young people for meaningful participation in the processes that shape their lives.   

Review Process

Submissions are accepted any time and selected for publication based on recommendations made by referees in a double-blind review process. Each submission will be reviewed by at least two referees chosen for their recognized expertise and matched to the disciplinary nature of the paper. Authors will typically receive a response within three months.


Authors of papers that are accepted for publication will be asked to sign a pre-publication agreement to assign non-exclusive © copyright to CYE. Authors fully retain the right to re-publish their articles elsewhere, provided that re-publication includes an acknowledgement of original publication in CYE, referencing the year, volume, issue and URL(http://colorado.edu/journals/cye).

ISSN Abstracting and Indexing Information

Library of Congress has assigned ISSN 1546-2250 to CYE. The journal is currently abstracted in Sociological Abstracts, Community Services Abstracts, Sage Urban Studies Abstracts, Sage Family Studies Abstracts, Journal of Planning Literature, the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, and the Directory of Open Access Journals.


Submission to CYE implies that the paper is not under simultaneous review elsewhere. Authors must guarantee that their contribution is original, has not been published previously, and that any necessary permission to reproduce material from another source has been obtained. Papers should be prepared according to CYE’s Submission Guidelines. We encourage authors to include photos and other illustrations in their submissions.

Book Reviews

CYE publishes reviews of books that contribute to research, policy, practice or teaching concerning children, youth and environments. Reviews are ordinarily solicited, but readers may suggest books. Publishers wishing to have new books considered for review should mail one copy to the editorial address below. Readers interested in serving as book reviewers should contact the editors.

The Editors, CYE
University of Colorado, CB 314
Boulder, CO 80309-0314

Tel.: 303 492-1319
Fax: 303 492-6163
Email: cye@colorado.edu