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5051 RADIO BROADCAST Connections The Ancient and Modern Art of Storytelling

    8:30-9:30 on Friday April 13, 2012
    KGNU 88.5 FM/1390 AM
    Panelists: Moderator: Duncan Campbell

5111 Heroes vs. Celebrities

5112 Life in the Far Future

5113 Shifting Sands in the Middle East: New Players, Policies and Directions

5114 Collaborative and Interactive Music

5115 Toward The Commons: An Enduring Eco-friendly Economy

5116 More Technology, More Isolation

5117 Disaster and Community Resilience

5118 Ronald Reagan Would Not Recognize His Party

5119 Immigrants...and Still They Don't Give Up

5121 How to Steal This Election

5261 Unhappy Endings: Apocalypse Now!

5263 Love the Brand, Buy the Product

5264 Unions: Labor Pains

5265 Picture This: Graphic Novels, Comics and Animation

5311 Surviving as an Artist

5312 How Liberals See the World

5314 Vampires! They Suck!

5315 Closing the Global Income Gap

5316 Are Corporations People: Would Texas Execute One?

5317 PTSD

5401 DUET Burning Man Women

5450 PLENARY Secretariat (Reprise)

    12:30-1:20 on Friday April 13, 2012
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Penny Chenery


5512 How Conservatives See the World

5513 The Annual Scandal Panel

5514 The Generational Road Map from Mad Men to Millennials

5515 Big Brother Is Getting Bigger: Civil Liberties and Privacy

    1:00-2:20 on Friday April 13, 2012
    Old Main Chapel
    Panelists: Moderator: Christopher Brauchli

5516 Sacrificing Culture on the Altar of Development

5517 Humor: A Jew, an Asian, a Witch and a Black Guy...

5518 Web of Terror: Internet Security and Privacy


    2:30-3:30 on Friday April 13, 2012
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Daniel Sher

5831 EBERT INTERRUPTUS IV Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    4:00-6:00 on Friday April 13, 2012
    Macky Auditorium