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5001 RADIO BROADCAST Connections Movement, Art and Learning

    8:30-9:30 on Friday April 8, 2011
    KGNU 88.5 FM/1390 AM

5101 ARIA Unite and Conquer: How to Build Coalitions

    9:00-9:50 on Friday April 8, 2011
    UMC 235
    Panelists: Moderator: Alice Madden

5111 Building a Sustainable Green Economy

5112 Drowning in Data, Starving for Knowledge

5113 The Tea Party: Who They Are and What They Believe

5114 Migration and Refugees: Identities Lost, Gained or Missing

5115 Womenís Voices: Can You Hear Us Now

5117 Raising This Generationís Children

5119 Military Interventions: Saintly Missions or Sins of Commission

5201 ARIA Renewing the American Dream

    10:00-10:50 on Friday April 8, 2011
    UMC 235
    Panelists: Moderator: T. J. Rapoport

5261 Journalists and Human Rights Activists: Bloodied but Unbowed

5311 Public Edjukashun Is Failing US

5313 Mr. Agent Man: The Business End

5315 Community Revitalization

5316 Can Science Feed the Growing Global Population

5317 The American Presidency: Potentate or Impotentate

5319 Will Rupert Murdoch Win: Internet News With a Pricetag

5321 Pay to Play: The Influence of Lobbyists

5411 Gay Culture: Acceptance and Assimilation

5450A PLENARY Secretariat

    12:30-1:20 on Friday April 8, 2011
    Muenzinger Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Penny Chenery

5461 Everything Sounds Smarter and Sexier With a British Accent

5511 The Biggest Science Discovery Yet to Be Made

5513 Idiots, Twits and Hypocrites

5514 Urban Agriculture

5515 Aid for Haiti: Say What?

5516 Art on the Fly: The Importance of Play

5517 American Exceptionalism and the Nature of Foreign Policy

5550A PLENARY Henry Luce, the American Century and Chinaís Future

    1:30-2:20 on Friday April 8, 2011
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Al Manzi

5650A PLENARY DUET Life Matters


    4:00-6:00 on Friday April 8, 2011
    Macky Auditorium