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5001 RADIO BROADCAST Political Messaging: Story vs. Substance

5111 Activating the Activist

5112 Telling the Difficult Stories

5113 The Perfect Supreme Court

5114 I Don't Wanna Grow Up!

5115 Science Literacy and the Un-dumbing of America

5116 AL SMITH MEMORIAL SESSION All the Cards on the Table: Nuclear Showdown

5117 Immigration: One Nation, Inhospitable

5118 How the Economists Missed It

5121 The Other First Amendment Right: The Value of the Free Press

5261 Brits to U.S.—We Warned You About Your Economy, Now We're Taking a Pounding

5310 Music, Money, Mediocrity

5311 E=mc2: Big Ideas in Science

5312 Poetry: Can't Eat It, Can't Spend It

5313 Africa's Children: Drivers of a Continent

5314 Sports to the Extreme: Dying to Play

5315 Team Obama: Politics Will Never Be the Same

5316 Comedy: A Laughing Matter

5400A PLENARY The Global Society: What the Economic Crisis Has Taught Us

    12:00-12:50 on Friday April 10, 2009
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Al Manzi

5501 ARTFUL DUET Baltimore Beatboxer Meets Reno Cowboy Poet

    1:00-1:50 on Friday April 10, 2009
    ATLAS Black Box
    Panelists: Moderator: Rick Cummings

5511 The Gap Years: Traveling, Studying, Serving Abroad

5512 NPN: Let's Nationalize Newspapers

5514 Alternative Peacemaking

5515 Race: Brown Is the New Black

5516 Death: Go Gentle into That Good Night

5517 We Are All Socialists Now

5518 Charlie Rose Is Dead and Other Vicious Rumors

5650A MOLLY IVINS FREEDOM FIGHTIN' MEMORIAL PLENARY 1968-2008 How Barack Obama Completed the Unfinished Journey of Robert Kennedy

    2:30-3:30 on Friday April 10, 2009
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Dan Friedlander